Well, I fixed the technical problem I was encountering yesterday.  As it turns out the only thing wrong was me, I seriously need to use my brain from time to time!!

I am really trying hard to be better … better photographer, better writer, better blogger and a better person.  This weekend I realized even though I have hit the golden age,  I still have time to accomplish all those things on my ‘to do’.  Of course, I do need to get moving on this list, time is starting to move a little faster now that I have reached the golden age.  I won’t be tomorrow, but today!!!!

Tonight’s picture is, yes it is another cat picture!! Please forgive me, I am a little tired tonight and of course I had to spend a few minutes ‘fixing’ my technical problem, the result is an easy way out …. a cat picture.  Heeeeeerrrre’s Josey ……


There you have it my friends, yes it is another cat picture, but at least it has been a while since I posted one. Josephine is always a great subject and is usually semi-cooperative

Good Evening beautiful friends!!!  Sleep well and have the sweetest of dreams!!!


The Drop

Tonight’s picture didn’t turn out exactly the way I pictured it in my head, but I encountered technical difficulties so it will have to do.  I will revisit this thought at a later time, once I iron out the technical problems, which hopefully will be tomorrow.

Today I am thankful for the air in my lungs, today I have a song in my heart and today I am resting because tomorrow is Monday!!! I am actually with any words tonight, so I think I will just sign out, recharge and be ready for tomorrow’s post.


That’s it, day is done and I am off to bed.

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Have a great rest and the sweetest of dreams!!!

The Water Catcher

I cannot believe that I have posted a picture every day for the last 52 days and today marks day 53!!!! Do you have any idea how significant this accomplishment is for an old procrastinator like myself? Well let me tell you THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!

Today was an absolutely fabulous day spent with some friends listening to great communicators speak about the Word of God.  After listening to these wonderful ladies speak, I wish I was a better communicator.  So now I will be adding ‘better communicator’  to my list of things I would like to accomplish.  Today I realized it is never to late to do those things for which you would like to accomplish.  Age is just a number and I did to just move!!!!!

Now for the picture.  I am realizing that I really don’t have a fascination with just one subject, I have a complete fascination with photography!!!  It just so happens that a few subjects appear more than others, I haven’t photographed water a lot, but it always makes for an interesting picture.


That is all I have for tonight.  I am looking forward to a good nights rest.

Good Night my beautiful friends!!! Have sweet dreams!!

The Lady

Surprise, luckily I had time to take the picture earlier this afternoon and I was able to get home in time to post my picture for tonight. What does this all mean (you may ask yourself) well, this means I still have not missed posting on my blog, so if your counting (and I am), this makes my 52nd post!!!!

Happy Friday!!! It has been a week full of just about everything, we have survived and if you have the weekend off, it’s time to unwind, rest and recoup.  It’s time to reflect on the week and wondering …. what does it all mean? It means life is full of ups and downs, but we most concentrate on the ups … because if we focus on both the ups and downs we are liable to get an upset tummy (okay, that was my attempt at being funny). Well, with that I think I will move on to the picture, obviously I am pretty tired.

Today someone asked me why I don’t take a picture of myself as one of my pictures, well it’s quite simply …. it’s my face!!!! Yes, the list would be long of the things I don’t like, so we will keep it simply and just say the whole face.  However, I decided to have some fun and jump in with both feet, step out of my comfort zone and expose myself to this blog.  I did however wear my sunglasses, because it helps hide my face, as does my long hair.


So bam, there it is … my face, untouched, all natural, all me and a little lumpy. (yikes!!) Yes, I have a smile, because I just do not have a good serious look (not that I have a good smile look).

So with that I will say … Good Night, be kind and have the sweetest to dreams!! 🙂

The Center

No, it’s not the center of the universe, just of a flower.  So first I gave you a colossal amount of cat pictures, now I’m stuck on flowers, well these flowers cost me some cash,so I plan on getting my monies worth out of them, got it. ha

Have you ever heard about something someone did and you think, really?  There are times during this journey I seriously wonder what the heck people are thinking.  What happened to being a descent human being, caring for others or just helping a co-worker out when needed.   I know I am not the best I can be all the time, but I really try to help people out when I can, most people do.  Anyway, just had to get that off my mind, it has been in there stewing.

I really am going to try to venture out more, I just can’t seem to get all my household work done in time to get out and get pictures.  Of course I still need to get my monies worth out of the flowers.


I may not be able to post a picture tomorrow, I will just have to see how the day goes.  So for now …

Good Night beautiful friends, sleep well and have the sweetest of dreams.

The Dandy Dandelion

I decided to venture outside for tonight’s picture.  Although it did not turn out just like I wanted, it isn’t too bad.

After yesterday’s not so perfect day, today was much better.  All my equipment worked (well, I did have one problem, but it was workable), I’m feeling better and I finished the job earlier than I expected.  So now I sit here thinking how many wonderful folks thought about me and how nice it was for them to cheer me on yesterday.  So even though yesterday wasn’t the greatest, I am still thankful … thankful for all the wonderful folks in my life, thankful I have a job for which to have a not so great day once in a while, thankful for the air in my lungs.  I am just so thankful!!!!

So tonight’s picture is a lovely dandelion.  Although it is not a crisp as I like, I think it works.  I like the sun flare as well, so all in all not so bad.


So there you have it, I’m very fortunate that we have not mowed, so my yard is full of these pesky, but photographically beautiful weeds.

Good Evening beautiful friends!!! Sleep well and have the sweetest of dreams.

Dew drop rose

Yes, I took the easy way out tonight.  This is a picture from the night before, I have not felt great today and the day wasn’t easy, hence the easy way out tonight.

I had one of those days that you really wouldn’t classify as bad (you know, because I am still breathing and all), but things just didn’t cooperate with me … equipment, the sun, wet ground because of the rain the day before … I felt everything was working against me. You those days when you just want to stick your head in the ground and say, ‘That’s it, I’m done’.   But alas I did work around these issues, but getting from point A to B was a little rough.   So here I sit, just resting on the couch and hearing my bed call out to me, as my eye lids are getting heavier.  So I think I will listen to my bed and go off to bed to dream of a better day.

As I said at first, this picture was taken last night, but at least I took it.  I really do have this fascination with flowers (and of course my cats). So there you have it, I have chosen a another flower yet again.


And with that, I am out.

Good Night beautiful friends and have the sweetest of dreams!!!

The Duo

Tonight’s picture started out completely different, however, I was just grasping at straws, so more time and practice will be needed in order achieve that picture.  So I just went off and tried different lighting ideas.

As usual my thoughts are all over the place tonight.  I just have so much to say, but not sure how to put all my thoughts in writing.(it’s kind of scary place, my mind)  Maybe I need to get a book or take a class on writing.  Writing in school was never my strong subject and I never really cared for it, however, the older I get I desire to have my writing sound intelligent and intriguing, I would like to hold the reader captivated no matter the subject. Today was a day with news that made me think of my dear friend Raydene and a visit from my son, which always makes me happy.

Okay, so the picture is of flowers, what else would it be …. lol.  I tell you these flowers are just hanging in there, can’t believe how great they still look. The lighting is a little different, but it works for me.  I like trying different, after all I can be pretty different at times, you know ‘out there’.


So there you have it, another day and another flower picture.  As I said the lighting is a little different, but I like it, plus I was getting tired.

Good Night my beautiful friends and have the sweetest of dreams.

The Rose (again)

Once I start photographing a subject it takes a while for me to loss interest, I am a loyal and dedicated type of person. haha So here is another rose, you should probably look for another flower picture tomorrow. I do have some other photos in mind for the future, so stay tuned.

I really do love Sundays, church always fires up my soul the week.  There are some wonderful folks at my church, they are always so encouraging and supportive.  I have been a little low lately, so  I am thankful they are there with kind words and just what I need to get me through another week.

Okay so tonight’s picture is from last night, I was going to say it was new tonight, but I just cannot tell a lie.  Plus, if you saw the picture from last night, you could tell it was pretty close to last nights, although it is not the exact same picture.


So there it is another picture, just not done tonight.  This is my forty-seventh post and only the second time I have not taken the picture the same day.  So take it easy on me for this minor disappointment.

Good Night my friends!!! Have a wonderful Monday and week.


A rose and hearts

Okay, as you can see I am totally hooked on taking pictures of flowers, but tonight’s picture has a little pizzazz and I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.  Last night I spent part of the night working on this idea, spent today rounding up the lights and the flowers and the results, well it was worth it.

Before I spent time rounding up items, I was pondering on a few things.  One of those things was whether I was a good friend or shabby friend.  Well, I really do not have any results, because this would require some time interviewing people I know and asking them this million dollar question, for which I really don’t think I would like to know the answer. So I will go with I am who I am, you either like me or you don’t, I am not perfect, but I do my best.  May not make those friends who think I am less than perfect, but as I said … I am who I am.  I am a work in progress and think I am most definitely better than I was last year, but still miles to go.

So let’s get to the picture.  As I stated earlier I experimented with this idea last night and decided to really try it tonight.  I am completely thrilled with the results, it needs a little perfecting, but this is one time I will say, score me!!!!!


So there you have it, another day, another photo and another post.  I hope you all have a fabulous evening!!!

Good Night and have the sweetest of dreams.