The Bag

The Bag

Here’s my girl Josephine again, she is so fun to photograph, I just cannot help myself.   The picture itself is okay, but I am not going to get hung up on why I don’t care for it, I am just happy my girl came through for me again.  I am so lucky to have her to entertain me when I have my camera, most days anyway.

I love being with people and today I was lucky enough to work with a great person who helped me so much.  Seriously, she helped me get the job done right.  It’s so nice when you can have great people helping you out just when you need it.

Also, I heard from my son today, so today you can bet it was a great day!!!!!

I need you to make this on your calendar my friends, I have nothing further to say (doesn’t happen much), so …..

Good Night, slept tight and remember …. be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!!!



The Bubbles

The Bubbles-6I have wanted to try this for a while, because I love photography and I love bubbles!!  They are just so pretty and I love to watch them float away, and if there is a little breeze, I love watching the wind twirl them around and around, which did make tonight’s photo a little trying, but I did it!!!

Glad Wednesday has arrived and is done, it has been an adventurous day.  Actually this week has been adventurous (keeping in mind it is only Wednesday), lights not working, phones giving us problems and people just being unhappy.  I guess the more appropriate word would be frustrating, but I have hope that tomorrow will be better than today and maybe I will hear from my son that all is well with the move.  I think maybe I might have annoyed him to much before he left and he is avoiding me, however, this to shall pass, I must keep my chin up and my thoughts positive!!!!

Good Night my dear friends!!! Remember to be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!

The Suspended Flower

The Suspended Flower-2

So this is not what I was going for, but what I had in mind do not turn out as I had planned.  I just cut the flower and through it in the glass and bam, I have my picture. Still need to work on controlling some of the outside light sources, should have turned off a couple lamps in the house.

When someone is rude to you have you ever wonder, why?  Why are being so rude, you don’t even know me, I surely could not have offended you already, we just met.  Maybe, you find me offensive to look at or maybe it’s my hair (it does need some work) …. what???  Luckily the rest of the folks were friendly and I think I passed their judginess (is that even a word).  Then you have a sweet girl look at you and say “Your hair is pretty”, made my day better and drowned out the rudeness of the other, well until now since I am writing this, but I am also remembering the girl with the sweet comment so it’s then better again.

Well I am tired and tomorrow is another work day, so I will bid you a good night and until tomorrow beautiful friends …. be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!

The Plane, The Plane

The Plane, The Plane

Well here it is and I actually did something different. The sun was setting,  so the light is low, which means I had to increase the ISO and in turn made the picture a little grainy.  I still like it and it gave me some practice with adjusting the camera settings in fast pace scenario.

Since yesterday and my son leaving I only cried once, it was this morning and I kind of bald like a baby, but it is finally out of my system.  It is amazing the amount of love you can have for one person, but he is one special person to me.   Of course now I find myself wondering, how is the drive going, are they having problems, should I send him a text, of course I will not, at least not right now.   I am also a little concerned I annoyed him, his friends, my husband, my friends, co-workers …. because I was just going on and on about it.  So I will be better, stronger and not so weepy, I promise!!!

With that beautiful friends, I will say Good Night and sweet dreams!

The Pink Flower

The Pink FlowerI will be honest and say that tonight’s picture was in fact photographed yesterday.  Sorry, but I just not have the oomph to photograph today and I must be honest, because well I took this at a friend’s house yesterday and she already knows I took it yesterday, plus I just like to be honest.

As I said, my oomph is gone today …. I did two things today, slept and visited my son, who as of this moment is on his way to his new home, which will no longer be close to me.  I will not be sad, as he is starting a new adventure and I am so thrilled for him.  However, I am in all reality sad, even though we really didn’t spend a lot of time together while he was here, I still feel that he is no longer close, which makes me so sad.  I am also dealing with an allergy problem, which makes my head feel like it is going to explode and I can’t breathe through my nose half the time.  So as I sit here feeling sad and stuffed up, I say …. no I didn’t take a picture tonight.  With that I will call it a night and say …..

Good Night beautiful friends!!

P.S. I guess I am tired, I forgot to upload the picture the first time I posted the blog.  Silly me.

The Lizard

The Lizard

So I actually ventured outside today and captured a lizard, well I didn’t physically capture the lizard just took a picture with my camera. I am really not the lizard type of girl, so I would not want to actually capture a lizard.

It’s so nice to have friends, those folks you can always count on to be there when you need them or just put up with your sorry procrastinating self.  Today I was around a couple of great examples of great friends, first, we visited some dear friends whom we have known for several years (no need to get into just how many years) and they really are amazing and again, they put up with this mess that is me.  Second, we visited with our son and his friend he knew from high school, this friend is a great friend … always there for my son and helping out when possible.  It is great to know he has a friend he can count on … my son actually has a couple of great friends, for that I am truly thankful.  Hope all of you know that kind of friendship.

Good Night beautiful friends!!!

The Splash

The Splash

I am a little late getting this post done for tonight, but at least it is getting done.  I have this fascination with water, so ta-da, it’s a water shot.  I still have a couple of ideas, but I will still be working on those shots, so stayed tune.

You always hope and pray that your children will not have any of your bad habits.  Do children inherit procrastination for their parents?  Unfortunately, my son is a procrastinator and I am so upset, poor kid, if possible to inherit this characteristic, he definitely got is from me.   I told him to work on it NOW!!!!! Fortunately, I believe this blog has helped me with my procrastination, well except tonight (hence the late hour in getting this post completed).   I, my friends, is so tired and think I will call it a night.

I was also blessed today by a teacher at a school I worked at today.  I had indicated that this week has been a rough week for me (which I should not have said) and her class made it so much better.  Later, I received a gift of chocolate with a very lovely note and a scripture.  I felt so very blessed by her kindness, it was just what I needed.

That’s it, so Good Night beautiful friends!! Be a blessing and be blessed.

The Eyes

The Eyes-3

Hello friends!!! Okay, so it’s a cat picture, but at least I was going for something, I was actually trying to get those pupils as big as possible and I would say it was a success.  Do you know what it takes to get a cats pupils that big, while holding a camera and all the while waiting to catch that shot without walking away tattered and torn.

A nice thing happened today, I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday and quickly realized it was Thursday, made for a great beginning of the day.  However, it quickly decelerated and let’s just say, I am glad it’s over.  Luckily I was fortunate enough to work with someone who was ready with a hug (they really do make things better) and a kind word (which always helps).  Tomorrow is Friday and I know all will be well!!! I love Friday’s!!!!

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Sweet dreams!!!

The Strange

The Strange-2The picture for tonight is done, the brain just wasn’t coming up with anything that would produce an effectively great picture, so you have the strange.  I did however come up with an idea to do tomorrow (if I have time for the set up), so tomorrow nights picture should be better. (again, if I can get home and get the setup done in a timely manner).

I have been working on becoming a calmer person, you know ‘when the going gets tough the tough get going’ kind of person. Well today I failed, I came close to having a complete melt down, right there in the middle of my job.  However, someone noticed I was losing it and provided me with a few drops of essential oil that would help calm myself down (not sure which one it was, but man did that help).  So I survived the day and thankful that tomorrow is another day to be calmer.

Good Night beautiful friends!!!!

The Spotlight

The Spotlight

I love photography, which is obvious, and my favorite part is working with lighting.  I use my flash and an occasionally I use just a flash light, as I have done with tonight’s picture.  The flower looks like it’s in the spotlight, which I have done.

Today was a good day, you know one of those days when you think maybe it will just be okay, but turns out totally awesome.  Don’t you just love those kind of days, plus I reviewed some pictures I did yesterday and I am thankful and happy they turned out.  I am feeling so very thankful today for so many things and just can’t contain this thankfulness.  I am also thankful that I have accomplished posting on this blog page for the last seventy-seven days!!!!! This is so amazing for a person who procrastinates (I guess I can’t say that anymore).

With that last bit of good news I will say farewell for the night.  Sweet dreams my beautiful friends. Remember be a blessing and be blessed.  Keep in positive and smile!!!!