The Water Catcher

I cannot believe that I have posted a picture every day for the last 52 days and today marks day 53!!!! Do you have any idea how significant this accomplishment is for an old procrastinator like myself? Well let me tell you THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!

Today was an absolutely fabulous day spent with some friends listening to great communicators speak about the Word of God.  After listening to these wonderful ladies speak, I wish I was a better communicator.  So now I will be adding ‘better communicator’  to my list of things I would like to accomplish.  Today I realized it is never to late to do those things for which you would like to accomplish.  Age is just a number and I did to just move!!!!!

Now for the picture.  I am realizing that I really don’t have a fascination with just one subject, I have a complete fascination with photography!!!  It just so happens that a few subjects appear more than others, I haven’t photographed water a lot, but it always makes for an interesting picture.


That is all I have for tonight.  I am looking forward to a good nights rest.

Good Night my beautiful friends!!! Have sweet dreams!!


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