The Lady

Surprise, luckily I had time to take the picture earlier this afternoon and I was able to get home in time to post my picture for tonight. What does this all mean (you may ask yourself) well, this means I still have not missed posting on my blog, so if your counting (and I am), this makes my 52nd post!!!!

Happy Friday!!! It has been a week full of just about everything, we have survived and if you have the weekend off, it’s time to unwind, rest and recoup.  It’s time to reflect on the week and wondering …. what does it all mean? It means life is full of ups and downs, but we most concentrate on the ups … because if we focus on both the ups and downs we are liable to get an upset tummy (okay, that was my attempt at being funny). Well, with that I think I will move on to the picture, obviously I am pretty tired.

Today someone asked me why I don’t take a picture of myself as one of my pictures, well it’s quite simply …. it’s my face!!!! Yes, the list would be long of the things I don’t like, so we will keep it simply and just say the whole face.  However, I decided to have some fun and jump in with both feet, step out of my comfort zone and expose myself to this blog.  I did however wear my sunglasses, because it helps hide my face, as does my long hair.


So bam, there it is … my face, untouched, all natural, all me and a little lumpy. (yikes!!) Yes, I have a smile, because I just do not have a good serious look (not that I have a good smile look).

So with that I will say … Good Night, be kind and have the sweetest to dreams!! 🙂


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