The Cross and The Shadow

The Cross and the shadow-2

This one took me a bit to get right and although it is not perfect, it will do.

I really do like to smile and wish I could make others smile as well.  So many people walk around with scowl on there faces, it makes me so sad for them.  I know about resting faces, as my job often talks with us about it.  You must always seem to be approachable, with some of the faces I see while shopping today, well I would be a little afraid to approach.   Today, when I purposely spoke with folks, you know “How ya doing?, How’s your day?, I actually received a warm response back. Not everyone looked at me like I was crazy, well there was that one dude who happened to see me talking to myself as I reviewed my shopping list to make sure I had all the items on the list, that was quite funny.  So I guess  my point is, and I do have one, let’s try to smile more, smile at others, speak to others and maybe just maybe it will make their day better.

That is it, it’s late, I’m tired so, good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile, it just might make someones day.


The Leaf

The Leaf-3

I thought the leaf looked like it was just in the mood to be photographed and so photogenic.

I remember the days when good customer service was the achievement of every business. When you would strive to make the customer your number one priority or a least make them feel like you were pleased they were in your establishment to do their shopping.  So sad that the normal is not as it used to be, however, since I am choosing to keep things positive I will discuss the good experiences I have had, well because they so stand out.

  1. Order cake online, went to the store to pickup said cake and clumsy me dropped it,  where it landed top side down.  One of the fine folks in the bakery rushed over to see the damage, took the cake in the back and restored the cake to its original splendor.
  2. Shopping at our local chain store (a place I said I would not shop again after my last experience, because the cashier seemed annoyed I was in her line), this cashier was so very friendly she restored my faith that there are friendly people who are happy that I chose their store.
  3. We had a very large box delivered to our home (I mean BIG), the nice lady helped me carry it into our garage (last time we had a large delivery, the guy dropped and ran), she was AWESOME!!!!!

So there you have it, these are three fine examples of fabulous customer service.

Good night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Beam

The Moon Beam

Well I didn’t let that procrastinating self inside of me stop me from working on a trick I said I would try for tonight’s picture.   Unfortunately, I was having trouble with the image from last night and I spent so much time working on it with the other picture, I left myself no time to take another picture, so I had to pick a previously taken photo to try this trick on, so you have the above picture.

So for the first time, the photo in my blog tonight was not taken today, sorry, but sometimes life does not always work with you.  These past few weeks have really tired my patience … between my own lack of motivation to get things done (yes, I do get on my own nerves!), having a new kitty in the house (and still yet today a bit of an uproar, can’t they just get along!), and the less than stellar customer service we have had to deal with lately (today was the topper, item sent twice, twice it was wrong and still no apology from the company). I am sitting here breathing in and exhaling saying to myself .. I’m okay, I’m okay!! lol   I really should say I have had a few good days when the customer service was top-notch and I did let the company know about, I think that is only fair.  If we are so ready to complain (and yes I will be writing a letter to the company I had to deal with today), we should be ready to praise just as easily (I will also be sending a letter praising the delivery lady for helping me put that about mentioned wrong item that we received in the garage).

It’s time to say good evening my beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile, it just might confuse I few people.

The Cross

The Cross-6

I planned on something different with this photo, however, it was not meant to be today, so we shall save that for another day.

Have you ever just wanted to scream at yourself for something that you seem to do quite often or in my case something you don’t do.  Yes my friends that procrastinator (still not sure if this even a word, maybe it can be now with my picture beside it in the dictionary) in me has once again struck and made me feel like I am a lowly individual who should not be considered an adult.  Having said all those things I have decided instead of beating myself up (well to late for that really, I actual ripped myself apart earlier today), I shall look at the positive side of this ….. I actually was able to get something done that has been on my to-do list (never mind how long), it is now done, off my to do list, well there is actually a second part to this thing on my to do list, sooooo, tomorrow hopefully it will actually be completed and then it will be marked off, done, finished, gone bye-bye and then & only then will I celebrate!!! One more thing, there is another part of the above picture I would like to do and I am determined not to let this sit on my list for ever, so stay tuned for the rest of the story with this picture …..

Good night beautiful friends. Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Shadow

The Shadow-5

So with this one I was going for the capturing the shadow and I am reasonably happy with this one.

Which brings me to the point of my thoughts this fine evening, this tree, which has been through so much.  We actually found it growing in a boat (that’s right you read correctly …. a boat).  Fortunately, it was small so we were able to transfer this little sapling to another location.  This tree is such a good example of never giving up (yes you again read that correctly) I will explain why I feel so about this tree.  As I said this tree starting it’s life in a boat, it went along and continued to thrive in its new location.  Then as it grew taller the storms of the life, the weather that is, took its toll on this tree on more than one occasion. We thought a couple of times, not sure the tree will survive this time, but every time it come back and it is still standing strong!! My thoughts at this point are ‘You certainly cannot keep a good tree down’.  Neither wind, nor ice, nor lighting, not hail and sleet (which all have damaged this tree at point) will keep this tree from being what it needs to be in life, to provide shade on a hot day (in Texas shade is a mighty fine thing), to provide a home for a family of birds or simply to marvel at the miracle of nature.   That my friends is why this tree is a good example of never giving up!

Good night beautiful friends!! Remember,  be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!! 🙂

The Prism Vase

The Mini Vase.jpg

I love the way light reflects off things, I love shining things and I love to experiment with light, which equals in the above picture.

I have sat here for the last few minutes trying to think about what subject to talk about tonight and just as I am typing I have thought of something.  It is touching on a subject I have mentioned several times before …. how we speak to others.  I really do believe sometimes the best thing is to not stay anything at all, I know I am one to speak on this matter as I seem to have difficulty in this matter.  However, the past few months I have really tried to keep my thoughts to myself and as a matter of fact I have tried to keep my thoughts on the positive side.  I have been study the book of James in the Bible and it really hit me hard in the areas which need much improvement in my life.  I think the talk less is working as I actually had someone tell me I am quiet (who me, never heard that before, haha). But seriously, I am trying to listen more, speak less and when I do speak keeping my words positive.  So talk less (you don’t always have to speak), gossip less (not really our business), positive words (positive will help you feel better, it’s like sunshine on a cloudy day). 

Good Night my beautiful friends!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Little Weed

The Little Weed

I ventured outside again and for this one I actually had to lay on the ground, but I think it was totally worth it!!!

I don’t know about you but sometimes this is how I feel, a little weed in a big world.  But look at this weed, surviving in all the rocks, its roots took hold very well.  That’s how we should be standing, strong in the rocks of life and oh boy, are there rocks in life, I guess sometimes a weed is a good example. Today as I was reading and study, I had a thought ….  I do strive to be like Jesus, but I also have friends around me who are good examples, who inspire me and I learn by watching them with their words and actions.  So lucky to have so many fine folks in my life and I am thankful each one of them.  I sometimes do not think I thank those wonderful people in my life, those who are there for me, who put up with me and yes who love me.  I will add that to my list of things to do this year.

Good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile, smiling is my favorite.

The Pretty Weed

The Flower-3

I may goodness, look I ventured outside today. lol  It’s just a weed, but it cleans up pretty good, well except for that bug.

So yesterday I went on and on about how I felt about myself, which was not good thoughts.  Two things about that post, first, I am one lucky girl, because I had a couple of dear sweet friends respond with some very kind words, plus I have at least three folks who read my blog, that’s far-out.  Second, I truly meant those words and I really wasn’t fishing for a compliment, its was just how I was feeling at that moment. (probably because I went clothes shopping, does this happen to anyone else, lol).  Some of us have those feelings more than others, you know low confidence and self-esteem, but today was better day.  So there you have it, another piece of the puzzles that makes up the complicated and weird me.

Good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep positive and smile.

The Night

The Night-3

This morning I could not pass up this opportunity to photograph the moon, it was just calling to me.

As I was driving around this morning trying to find some clothes that will fit this body of mine, I had a lot of thoughts flying through this head of mine.  The biggest thing is how much a dislike myself, this body, this face and yes, simply put …. just me.  These thoughts do come up from time to time, as maybe they do with others.  Thoughts of not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, etc.  Yes this lack of confidence in myself can be quite challenging at moments, but I refuse to let the enemy hold me captive by these thoughts that are simply not true.  When these thoughts arise, I must always remember,  am good enough, smart enough and all those other things I that seem to plague me always.  Sometimes however they do linger for a time longer than I would like, but I try to turn my focus on Jesus who loves me just the way I am and He knows I am a work in progress, so if there is something that needs a little tweaking, then tweaking will be done. So I always have hope. I also have a great friend who snaps and smacks me out of those moments and she likes me just as I am, talking and all.  So blessed to have a wonderful friend like her.  (I know she will read this, because she reads my blog everyday, see she is a great and true friend) 

Good Evening beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Bottom

The Bottom.jpg

Alrighty, so today I was in a bind so I just thought of something quick.  The important thing to note here is, I actually made sure all the camera settings were correct before I even took one picture.  Yea me!!! (it’s the little things we need to celebrate)

The last few days I have been in a little bit of a funk, you know blah, icky and all that blueness.  Today has been a different kind of day, the funk has been lifted and what changed you maybe asking (well even if you are not, I am going to tell you) …. last night in this house, a mini-meltdown occurred, which shook me out of this funk and I realized I needed to get off my, well you know, and get things done.  So today things were completed and it was awesome!!!!  The only sad thing today was, it appears we have had a set back in getting our new kitty adjusted to the household and I am hopeful that it will be just a minor set back.

Good evening beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile, sometimes it does help.