The Center

No, it’s not the center of the universe, just of a flower.  So first I gave you a colossal amount of cat pictures, now I’m stuck on flowers, well these flowers cost me some cash,so I plan on getting my monies worth out of them, got it. ha

Have you ever heard about something someone did and you think, really?  There are times during this journey I seriously wonder what the heck people are thinking.  What happened to being a descent human being, caring for others or just helping a co-worker out when needed.   I know I am not the best I can be all the time, but I really try to help people out when I can, most people do.  Anyway, just had to get that off my mind, it has been in there stewing.

I really am going to try to venture out more, I just can’t seem to get all my household work done in time to get out and get pictures.  Of course I still need to get my monies worth out of the flowers.


I may not be able to post a picture tomorrow, I will just have to see how the day goes.  So for now …

Good Night beautiful friends, sleep well and have the sweetest of dreams.


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