The Backside

The Back-2

Flowers look good at any angle, so that’s why I went with it tonight.  I also stayed up way to late last night and decided to keep it simple tonight.

I truly believe in lifting each other up whenever possible.  Give someone a compliment, let them know how they shine, you can even tell them they do something really well, maybe even better than you or just let them know how much you appreciate them.   Maybe I do give to many compliments, but I feel there are enough folks out there who are tearing you down, so I like to try to counter that in some way.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not always giving compliments, when something needs to be said, believe me, I say it.  Anyway, blah, blah, I know I talk to much about nothing, but hey it’s the one thing I do very well.

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and always smile!!!


The Grapes

The Grapes

Grapes are refreshing, a nice little snack (and when they are nice a crunchy the satisfy that craving for chips) and they soooo good.  Bought some grapes today and while rinsing them I had an idea and voilà … a picture is born!!

I really love my family, my husband and my son are my whole life.  Although I am not so sure my son feels the same way about me, but the great thing is I will always be here for him no matter what …. always!!!! Okay, so now I will change the route of this topic a bit and say,  Man, I cannot express to you how much I miss this woman, my mom was the greatest person I have ever know in my life (and I have been around for a while).  It certain ways I remind myself of my mom, like any teenager, she sometimes drive me crazy,  I now realize how much she loved me and that makes me feel so good, even now after all these years.  My hope is my son will realize how much I love him and not be too embarrassed by me or my over zealousness.

Good night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep in positive and always smile.

The Drop

The Drop-6

I am back to water, yes water … don’t you judge me.  I was working on something that didn’t work out and by then I really didn’t want to start a different idea, so water again.  I colored the water this time just to make it a little interesting.

Here I am once again to say, so glad tomorrow is Friday.  The week was not horrible or anything like that, but I am just glad the week is almost over.   I wrote the last sentence about ten minutes ago, so you can take I guess it’s another night of blankness, zip, nil, nada, there is not any good information to share, except of course tomorrow is Friday, now that I can talk about, but I think I will pas on the talk and just go to sleep.

Good night beautiful friends. Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and always smile.

The Read

The Cat and the book-2

I tell you this girl always helps me out.  It was a little more difficult, because I did not have an assistant tonight.  Trying to get her to actually look at the book was quite a challenge.

Last night I told you my head was just so jumbled with so many words I couldn’t process any of them.  That was not really the thing, the thing is yesterday my head was full of some negativity.  Today is better, I believe because I have spent the day thinking about my blessings.  I know we are to be like Jesus and I truly believe that is true. I also believe the way we learn to be like Him is by reading The Word, but also by observing others.  I mean we are surrounded by people doing good things all the time, if we just open our eyes to see them.  Today as I drove around (I had an errand to run opposite to where I live, which put me in traffic, which means I had the time while sitting in traffic… lol), anyway, as I drove (sat) I had time to think of the examples I see in others on a daily basis and I realized how truly blessed I am to have these fine individuals in my life.  They bless me with their fine integrity, kindest, caring of others, etc., I do my part by observing them and trying to be better.   I am a work in progress, I am not where I should be, but I am not where I used to be, again I am blessed.

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and always smile!!!!

The Bottle

The Bottle-6

Let me just say, I did drink this after I photographed it and don’t you judge me.  I thought the the condensation on the bottle was interesting.  Not sure my heart was really in this, because I don’t find it that interesting, but good enough to post.  I actually took several different photos (other than this bottle), but this is the chosen one, which tells you how my night of photography went tonight.

Now I sit here trying to think of what to say tonight, I have the words, but they seem to be all jumbled up in my crazy head.   It’s really messy in there right now so I best not try  to unscramble it at the moment, sleep and process time is all I need.

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and always smile!!!

The Two



The Two-3

I really like glow sticks, I find I can achieve some interesting photographs with them. Maybe this is not that interesting, but I think it is pretty interesting looking.  It’s all about finding the right settings and I did use Lightroom to complete the picture.  Some may think using Lightroom is cheating, but I like to use it and that will be all I say about it.

Have you every stopped to think about how loyal you are or the folks you deal with are to you? ….. I think I am pretty loyal or at least I think I am.  It’s a great thing to be loyal, it’s so important to know you have someone you can count on, someone who will stand by you, someone who cares enough to put you before them sometimes.  So there you have it, more of my ramblings, but honest ramblings.

Good night beautiful friends. Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and always smile!!! (I added that always to smile, because it just seems right)


The Ring

The Ring-3

My dear friends,  only a couple of times since I started this blog have I not posted the picture I took that day or night, well it has happened again.  I took a few pictures today, however they really weren’t what I was looking for so a choose not to post any of them tonight.  To tell you the truth, I had an idea for tonight, but needed to wait for darkness and now that it is here, I am simply to tired (after my late night last night), so tonight’s picture is last nights and I like so I am still pleased.

I had an opportunity today to tell someone how much I value them, the way they deal with others and how they show kindest to others.  Even said they were a great example for all of us.  It really doesn’t hurt to tell others that they shine like a diamond, doesn’t mean you don’t shine as well.  It seems we are so busy trying to prove how great we are that sometimes we forget to remind others how bright the shine.  Okay, so I will step down from my soap box.

Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!!

The Spill

The Champagne

So I photographed this one earlier and planned on posting earlier, but alas, things do not always go like we planned.  Yes, I went off the background, but it was a total accidental shot and thought it looked pretty cool.

As I stated, I photographed this earlier this afternoon and planned on posting later in the evening, however, my evening plans ran long, so here I am at this very late hour posting my blog.  Unfortunately, it is the early the next morning as I am posting this, but I did take this picture yesterday, so I am still holding on to the streak of picking up my camera everyday.  So let’s get to the reason my evening ran long, I went to a concert … Chris Tomlin was so awesome, I could have listened to him into the night and the concert ran a lot longer than I thought it would.  All the artist were so fabulous …. Big Daddy Weave, Phil Wickam and Mosaic MSC, it was so great!!! Now, I am so tired and ready for sleep, since I came home and needed to get this blog done, which I can say I completed and sleep the good sleep.

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Smokey

The Smokey

This fellow right here has been a part of our family for the many, many years and I just felt inclined to take his picture tonight.  He is a tough little trooper and he is in his declining years and just wanted to show him off.  He is our Smokey.

How you ever seen someone else’s behavior and thought I am not like that, then later you think maybe you are and you just don’t realize it.   Man that is a very difficult thing to digest and it makes you think, really hard!!! But then you realize, it will be okay and maybe you’re not as bad as you thought. With those words, I am calling it a night, this week kind of wore me out.

Good Night beautiful friends. Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!!

The Spray

The Spray-4

Oh look, the water shot is back again.  I just find photographing water so very interesting.  The camera is so quick, the water moves so fluidly, so between the two it can produce some very interesting shots.

Another week has passed by, another Friday is upon us and despite the fact that I am wishing my life away, I am so happy the week is done!!!!! Yesterday was all about disrespectful folks, well today let’s talk about the good.   Today I was very fortunate to be around some respectful students (yes ma’am, no ma’am), it was a great day, it’s nice to know that manners do still exist and some still use them.  This day reminds me that we still have some good folks out there, it was a good day.

Good night beautiful friends!!!! Remember to be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!