Well, I fixed the technical problem I was encountering yesterday.  As it turns out the only thing wrong was me, I seriously need to use my brain from time to time!!

I am really trying hard to be better … better photographer, better writer, better blogger and a better person.  This weekend I realized even though I have hit the golden age,  I still have time to accomplish all those things on my ‘to do’.  Of course, I do need to get moving on this list, time is starting to move a little faster now that I have reached the golden age.  I won’t be tomorrow, but today!!!!

Tonight’s picture is, yes it is another cat picture!! Please forgive me, I am a little tired tonight and of course I had to spend a few minutes ‘fixing’ my technical problem, the result is an easy way out …. a cat picture.  Heeeeeerrrre’s Josey ……


There you have it my friends, yes it is another cat picture, but at least it has been a while since I posted one. Josephine is always a great subject and is usually semi-cooperative

Good Evening beautiful friends!!!  Sleep well and have the sweetest of dreams!!!


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