The Dandy Dandelion

I decided to venture outside for tonight’s picture.  Although it did not turn out just like I wanted, it isn’t too bad.

After yesterday’s not so perfect day, today was much better.  All my equipment worked (well, I did have one problem, but it was workable), I’m feeling better and I finished the job earlier than I expected.  So now I sit here thinking how many wonderful folks thought about me and how nice it was for them to cheer me on yesterday.  So even though yesterday wasn’t the greatest, I am still thankful … thankful for all the wonderful folks in my life, thankful I have a job for which to have a not so great day once in a while, thankful for the air in my lungs.  I am just so thankful!!!!

So tonight’s picture is a lovely dandelion.  Although it is not a crisp as I like, I think it works.  I like the sun flare as well, so all in all not so bad.


So there you have it, I’m very fortunate that we have not mowed, so my yard is full of these pesky, but photographically beautiful weeds.

Good Evening beautiful friends!!! Sleep well and have the sweetest of dreams.


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