New day, new picture

I cannot believe that I have posted to this blog for twenty-six days in a row!!!! If I have done nothing else, I am kicking that procrastination side of me to the curb!!! But I believe have also gained little more experience with my camera and I am working on being a little more creative.  Just think  of all the days I have left to improve my photography!!!!

I recently learned a valuable lesson about judging others to harshly before knowing the facts.  I always hope people would not do this to me and today I did that very thing.  I am extremely embarrassed I did this, especially since I knew this person quite well and will be careful not to do this again. So I just had to get that off my chest, I really don’t feel better, but I am praying I will think twice next time.

Let’s discuss tonight’s interesting picture.  I recently ordered this glass ball for use in my photography and it came in today!! This is the first picture I took, it is not very fancy or eye-catching, but I think it’s interesting none the less and can’t wait to get out there and try more photos.  So I know you’re probably thinking …. ‘how many different photos can I take with this glass ball?’ …. well I would say …. ‘you never know, only time will tell’.


So today was a very thought-provoking, picture-taking kind of day and I am glad I survived.  I love life and I love that everyday is another day to try again.

Have a good evening my beautiful friends.  Remember, do not take life for granted, be thankful for everyday you get, love those around you and remember to love yourself!!!!


Working on settings

So today I decided to experiment with some camera settings, because that really is one of the reasons for this blog. learning about camera settings.

I really must admit to something, today was a day of taking down our Christmas decorations … yes, we are those people. In this situation I prefer not being called a procrastinator, as much as we are Christmas enthusiast. haha It is a chore in our house to take down all our Christmas decorations, I was not kidding when I said we are enthusiast.

It’s time to talk about the picture, you know the point of this blog. As I stated above, I was experimenting with camera settings, more to the point .. depth of field. I set a very small f-stop, 1.8 to be exact, and I focused on our Josephine’s nose.  Notice her nose is in sharp focus, but her body is blurred, even her eyes are not quite as sharp as her nose.


So there you have it, another of our Josephine, but at least I experimented with camera settings. On the plus side, I have ordered an item (and hope it arrives tomorrow)  which I hope will help to achieve a more creative photo, you will just have to wait and see the results.

Good Night my beautiful friends!!! Have the sweetest of dreams!!!



And it is done

Another day, another picture and it is done.

I love trying different things with my photography and tonight is one of those photographs, well at least for me.  I realize that some may view my photographs as blasé and that’s okay, because the point of this blog is for me to gain knowledge and understanding of photography so as to improve my images.  At the end of this year if others still find my photographs as blasé, well that will still be okay, because as the saying goes … “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.  I am not really here to impress others with my photographs (however, it’s always nice when others enjoy your work), I’m just trying to gain improvement in my favorite hobby, become a better writing and kick the procrastinating in me out the door.

I am also in the process of learning how to do a few craft projects (yes, finally I am becoming one of those achievers I wish had become earlier in my life) and if I am a success, I may just show you a few of my creations (however, that is a big IF).  Okay, so on with the picture …

I have tried this picture before, however the vessel I used in my prior attempt did not make the final result very successful. I am reasonable pleased with the results, so I am posting for all to see.  I am very fortunate that today I was able to find the perfect vessel to complete this vision I had in my head …. done before probably and now by me.


And there you have it and it is done …. the image, the day and my brain (well, for this evening anyway).

Good Night and have the sweetest of dreams my friends.

A picture for Friday

So glad Friday is finally here, what a long busy crazy that we have survived. So you have probably guessed from the first sentence, I have taken the east way out again, but we will discuss that in a moment.

This morning as I was sitting and reading my daily devotional, I thought how truly thankful I all the little things …. I woke up this morning, for the air in my lungs, I have a job (that I don’t hate), I am not limited by any health issues to do my job (well except this dang toe that is still sore, but it doesn’t stop me) and most of all thankful for all my many friends and family who love me (not always easy, I know this for fact).

So having brought up the subject of loving me, this leads me to the subject of putting up with me.  I am truly thankful for those who do understand the qualities that make me, well me!!! We are all flawed and we all have certain characteristics that others may not find desirable, but hopefully we do not let that completely destroy  our relationship with them. I am horrible at staying in contact with people unless it’s face to face. I always think ‘I need to call or text so-so later’, then later I forget, some may think I am thoughtless, but maybe I just have a cluttered mind or maybe I need to wipe away the cob webs. Anyway, I will move on to the picture …

So as I said in the first paragraph, it has been a long tiring week, so I took the easy way … yes it’s a cat picture.  I just can’t help myself , she is just such a camera hound.  I don’t even know what to title this picture, maybe ‘Please mommy, can I have it’ lol.  This picture was also a result of some experimentation on focal length, so again learning as I go along with this blog.


There you have it, tonight’s picture.

Good Night beautiful friends!! Have the sweetest of dreams and be thankful for the little things.

It’s that time again

Yes, it’s time for another photograph.  I am really loving this, actually picking up my camera everyday and just taking a picture.  Some days the photo is creative and an awesome thing and some days it may be just a quick and non-complicated photo.  The whole point of the blog is to gain experience and try to be a little more creative.  So far I would say …. mission accomplished.

I am also trying my hand at some craft projects. These projects will be for me, but also hoping to maybe, just maybe sell some from time to time.  I really enjoy creating things, not that I am THAT creative, but I sure like to give it a try.  I am so excited to go shopping this weekend with a dear friend, who happens to enjoy the crafting routine as well. All the crafting stores and coupons will equal lots of fun, oh and money spent. Okay, enough that’s move on to the picture.

Last night’s picture was of sand, but sand hitting the bottom.  I was not completely satisfied with it and decided to try it again, but just a bit different.  This photo is actually the sand through the hour-glass.  Again, not one hundred percent satisfied, but I kind of like it.


So there you have it, another day, another photo and another day of experience.

Good Night by beautiful friends and the sweetest of dreams.

Another day is done

Here it is, another photo from my camera and myself.  I have been very busy with work, which makes me very tired for home, which means my photos are a little lacking.  The point of this blog is so I will pick up my camera more often and in this aspect, I am succeeding immensely.  Every day for the last twenty-two days I have picked up my camera and photographed something and have learned a thing or two!!

As you get older your body reminds you that you need to take care of yourself a little better and you’re not as young as you used to be …. today is one of those days. ha  But I am happy I get to do something I enjoy.  I think tonight my brain is a little dry for words, so I will move on to the picture.

It’s not a cat … woo hoo!!! I call this one … “Sands through the hourglass”. Not much more to stay, except I will be trying this again, it can be much better.


So there you have it, another picture, another lesson learned and another post on my blog …. it’s a good day indeed.

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Have a slumberous sleep with sweet dreams.


Oh look, I did it again ..

Yes, I am really getting the hang of this taking a picture every night.  Alright, alright, I will admit I need to have a little more fun with something other than a cat, but it’s okay to admit that you are following in love with them, I did!!

I love my cats tremendously … they are spoiled, they are loved and they are part of our family!!! Tonight we decided to have a sit down dinner with a very dear family member, this is something we rarely do during the week.  Upon our return, two of our furry babies were waiting at the door with such a look of bewilderment …. “You left us!!!”.  Although they felt it was serious situation, it was quite humorous.  So since I brought up my cats ….

Yes, I did another cat picture, although this time it’s not really a “I like to have my picture taken” kind of photo.  No fun, no curiosity, no hamming it up(did I even use that right?)  with the camera, just our Snowball telling me with her look she was displeased with me.  I titled this one …. “Get that thing away from me!!!!!” If she was a growling cat, this is where should would have done so and pounced on me, but my girl is not a dainty girl and she is not little, if she did pounce, she would probably knock me out!!! ha


She is such a beauty!!!

Good Night my friends and have the sweetest of sweet dreams!!!

Until tomorrow my friends,

Smiley, The Cat Mom (just trying out names)

Here is the next photo

The next photo has arrived and oh my gosh, it’s a cat and not just any cat, but it’s my Josephine again.  After a restless night and a day of work, I am wiped out.  I did however take a few other interesting pictures, but I need to work to refine them.

Since I am so tired, from the restless sleep and the day of work, I will keep this short.  It really is a joy to see friends you haven’t seen since before Christmas and today was one of those wonderful days and today was one of those days.   We hugged, we smiled and we worked, but it was still an awesome day.  As I said I am tired, so on with the picture.

As I said, this is Josey, again.  I just found the picture fascinating, not sure why.  I called this one “Thoughtful Josey”.


So there you have it!! I’m tired and going to sleep.

Good Night and sweet dreams!!

Yes, it’s that time again …

Picture time …. yes my friends, if you are counting this is the nineteenth day in a row of taken photos and posting on my blog. The past nineteen days have been so much fun and I have learned a few things already, looking forward to rest of the year!!

I am so excited about this blog, my blog (I really do like to say that) and the possibilities that could arise from this endeavor.  After taking pictures everyday for a year,  I am hoping to have gained so much knowledge and experience that I will become more comfortable with a camera.  I am going to start browsing pictures and find examples of pictures I would like try to conqueror. So let’s get to the picture for tonight.

Yes, it’s a cat picture, yes it’s a cat picture with a flash and YES it’s a cat picture with a flash that is hidden.  I’m tired and well, I just love this girl and her utter fascination with the flash.  I have been contemplating this image for a while and just decided today was the day!!! Even though I have done a picture like this before, don’t be fooled …. do you know have difficult it is to get a cat to do what you want them to do, they do have minds of their own.  Enjoy or don’t enjoy, because I can’t take it back, after all it’s out there for you to see and you can’t really un-see it, unless you have one of those devices from that movie with the men that wore dark suits with that device that erased a portion of your memory.   Anyway heeeeeere’s the Josey ….


There you have it, another cat picture with the flash hidden, I really think this picture is interesting and I love it.

Good Night my beautiful friends!!!  Have a super evening and the sweetest dreams!!

It’s another day

So here I am with another picture.  My friends this is an incredible feat for me, the person who has always procrastinated her whole life has taken another picture for another day.

As a sit here typing a couple of things come to mind … 1) I really need to buy a book that will help me improve my writing, which needs refinement and my vocabulary could use a little expansion.  So a quest will begin to find that book, hopefully just one, that will help me become a writer that can hold the reader’s attention and be entertaining as well!!  2) Spending time with family and friends can be a immensely therapeutic, well as long as they like to be with you.  I say this after spending the past two days with friends and family whom I love.  Today spent with an adorable little baby, when I held him it’s like everything else just went away, it reminded me of when my baby was a baby and still needed me.  So enough of my l mindless ramblings, let’s get to the picture.

So it is another day of stepping outside the four walls of my home into my yard.  Yes, it is another dandelion(what can I say, once I find something I like to photograph, I  experiment with different angles and lighting), but this time I photographed looking up looking. It turned out to be an interesting shot and not going to hide it ….. I love it!!!  Even though today was outside again, my cats may appear again from time to time as I love photographing them and a friend said she liked them, this made me very happy.

So here is tonight’s treasure (well at least I think it is).


Not sure if anyone actually reads my blog or they just look at the pictures, either way thank you so much for taking time to view my blog.

Good Night my beautiful friends!! May you have the sweetest of sweet dreams!!!