The Rose (again)

Once I start photographing a subject it takes a while for me to loss interest, I am a loyal and dedicated type of person. haha So here is another rose, you should probably look for another flower picture tomorrow. I do have some other photos in mind for the future, so stay tuned.

I really do love Sundays, church always fires up my soul the week.  There are some wonderful folks at my church, they are always so encouraging and supportive.  I have been a little low lately, so  I am thankful they are there with kind words and just what I need to get me through another week.

Okay so tonight’s picture is from last night, I was going to say it was new tonight, but I just cannot tell a lie.  Plus, if you saw the picture from last night, you could tell it was pretty close to last nights, although it is not the exact same picture.


So there it is another picture, just not done tonight.  This is my forty-seventh post and only the second time I have not taken the picture the same day.  So take it easy on me for this minor disappointment.

Good Night my friends!!! Have a wonderful Monday and week.



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