The Yellow

The Yellow

So tonight’s picture isn’t much of a stretch of the imagination, but I was a little prolonged with my picture taken time by another endeavor for which was a tad more important, getting my son’s birthday gift ready for mailing.

It is amazing how much I love this son of mine and oh how I miss him being home under my roof.  I miss going shopping with him (well I shopped and I dragged him along), I miss talking with him and I just miss him being around everyday!!! He moved far away from us, but even when he was close by we really didn’t talk much anymore.   I sometimes wonder if I embarrassed him (well of course I did, I am his mom and that’s what we do … lol).  It’s a funny thing about parents and their children, parents can (and will) embarrass their children, for which said children might just can’t wait to grow up and get away from these parents.  Now this isn’t the funny part,  I miss that  embarrassing parent, I miss those talks with my parents and I MISS MY PARENTS!!! My hope is at some point my son will miss those moments and me as well.

Good night beautiful friends!! Now that I have depressed myself, I will need to remember to be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!!


The Flag

The Flag-2

Although this is not completely how I envisioned this project, I am reasonably satisfied with the results.  I will work on this and try to improve it.

As I sit here trying to think of something fabulous and ingenious to write, I am actually without any words, which is very rare for me.  I am at this very moment feeling very thankful for so many things, especially my friends who have (and you that read this blog) put up with my excessive talk about our Smokey.  It is amazing how much we can let ourselves fall in love with our little fur family, they take up such a big part of our hearts. You see when see this creature everyday for the years they are with you (Smokey was with us for sixteen year), is just about impossible not to miss them terrible. So thank you friends, for the love, for the support and for the ears that always listen (or I guess the eyes that always read).

Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Flash

The Light-3

Tonight I decided to try out my flash on the new camera and it was a complete success.   I tell you this two seldom disappoint when it comes to taking photos, you just have to know how to work them.

Last night I talked about a couple of projects that I had been working on and tonight I am happy to say I have achieved success!!!  After I posted last night’s blog I remember something very important, when it comes to this blog I have indeed completely conquered this procrastinating thing which plagues every other part of my life.  I have completed the blog everyday since January 4, which is quite a feat for me.  So now I have this project I completed and the blog for which I have done everyday!!!! Success is a better good feeling.   Cannot hid the fact that I am feeling pretty pumped right now and just a little proud of myself.  Before I close I am including an additional photo of my project (because I am just so thrilled how it turned out).


With that I shall bid you all a farewell, so …. good night beautiful friends, remember to be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Oil

The Oil-2

Today whilst cooking our dinner, the oil that I was warming was just calling me to take a picture, so I did.  I, of course, thought it wasn’t quite fascinating enough so I changed it to black & white.

This weekend I am so thankful for all I have and the freedom for which I have to do those things I so enjoy to do.  I have a couple of projects that I have been working on for years (yes, YEARS!!!) and this weekend I am one step closer to having them completed. (Yay!!).  The one thing I do excel at extremely well is my able to procrastinate, for this I could win an award, as you can probably grasp since a project has taken me years to complete.  Why would I admit this? …. Well I think it’s good for us to own our short comings, to fully admit to them and try to overcome them.  Mind you this is just one of many that I seem to be inflicted with and I am working on this one in particular diligently.  First, I am holding close the way it feels to get things done, to check things off my list, that overall feeling of accomplishment it brings, but then I get distracted, I lose my focus … oh look a cat. (lol, yes that was meant to be funny, but it’s not far from the truth)  Well, there it is, another thing I put out there about myself.

Good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Pencils

The Pencils

Here it is, pencils, pretty exciting don’t you think?  I was just trying to think of something with the least amount of effort.  That seems to be the theme this week, hopefully next week I will be a little more motivated.

This week has been a little different, but today was a little better.  I am so thankful for so much and feel so blessed, I know it sounds strange after this week, but I do feel blessed.  Blessed to know what love is, I know I have been really harping on this, but love for a pet is such a powerful love.  At the end of the day when you get home, there they are, no judging, no criticizing, no cliques, just joy and happiness to see you, just love for you, well and waiting for their dinner time. lol  But it is true, looking for them when you get home to see them, all is right with your world.  We went on vacation once, the last day we were there I was up at the crack of dawn and by the time everyone else awoke the hubby and I were packed, ready to go.

That’s it for tonight, good night beautiful friends!!!  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!!

The Black Bird

The Black Bird

I actually got out of the house with my camera today and did some exploring and it was great.  Nothing like fresh air and exercise to ease the woes of this world.  I took a lot of pictures, but this one just stood out and it was one of the last things I took a picture of on this mini adventure.

You know it’s nice to know that folks think of you when you are having a rough week.  I have had several folks who have made me feel loved and that it’s okay to miss your fur family when they are no longer with us, it’s okay to cry and to feel bad.   It’s always nice to know that people care about you, we should not be afraid to do that more often with our friends and family.  Of course some might think it’s weakness to let your feelings show, whether it’s showing your sadness or showing love to another who might need it, but you know I am not one them and luckily neither are the folks in my life.   I just don’t understand how people can be so uncaring and heartless, but maybe I will just keep those folks in my prayers.  Well after all the walking, I am wiped out (which means I need to exercise more).

Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember to be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Playful

The Play-3

Tonight I was less than creative so I chased after the kitties until I was satisfied with the shot, my poor kitties.  I do so enjoy photographing animals, mainly pets, maybe this could be an avenue to pursue.

Today was a day spent doing very little, not crying anymore, but still miss my Smokey.  I know some don’t understand this love we have for our animals, none the less it is there and it is real, just because you don’t understand does not make it so.  It’s not like I will mourn forever, but I think an extra day of sadness is not totally inappropriate.  The hubby did say ‘No new cats’, but I heard there was a playful girl at our local ‘Petsmart’, I just need to come up with a good reason for us to go, oh that’s right, we still have three cats in the house in the need of things one would find at a pet store, so we shall see.  I also need to say how blessed we are to have the best veterinarians, who have taken such great care of our babies through the years, they are the primary reason we were able to have Smokey around all these years.

Good night my beautiful friends.  Remember to be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Baby Bear

The Baby Bear

This is our Smokey aka Baby Bear, today was his last day here on earth with us.  I took this picture yesterday and this is the last picture I took of him.  He was the best little guy, in his younger days his personality reminded us of Snoopy, you could almost hear that laugh of Snoopy’s when he would do something.

Smokey came to us in 2001, when a friend needed to find him a new home.  She knew we loved cats and asked us to take him in as she wanted to make sure he was cared for completely. The hubby was not immediately keen with the idea for him to come live with us at first, but it wasn’t long before Smokey had the hubby wrapped around his little paw.  He was so cute and went through many stages of funny little habits, the first being he had this weird thing with socks.  He would drag a single sock and leave by the food dish, never knew why, weird.  He also had a basket full of  bundle socks that he would toss in the air with his teeth and then catch them, weird.  We would be sitting on the couch and all of a sudden  we would see a pair of socks flying in the air, miss that so much.   Unfortunately, he did become ill, which took a lot out of him, but he hung in there for several more years.  He was well-loved by us and he loved us very well.  He would hear our cars come in after work and he would be waiting at the door for us to come in, even after he became ill he would still do this, however during this last year he eventually stopped doing that as well.   He was our Mokey Bear, Baby Bear, and so many more nicknames, but most of all he was our fur baby, whom we loved so much and we will miss him tremendously!!! I will not lie, I cried a lot more than I thought I would, he has been going down hill lately, so I assumed I was prepared …. I was not. I am pretty tired after this emotional day, I know some folks really don’t understand and it’s hard for us to explain this love we have for our furry family and they are part of our family!!  Forgive me if I rambled or it doesn’t make sense.

Good night beautiful friends. Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.  Oh and hug your little furry family members extra tonight.

The Shake

The Glow-2

Tonight I was less than energetic, so I worked on a blurring effect.  Using a slow shutter speed and a little movement on my part and you have a glowing effect.  I did this in front of the television which created an intriguing image and it was so intriguing in fact I decided to post two pictures tonight ….

The Twirl.jpg

Sunday nights can be quite challenging for getting a good night rests.  So tonight I will be brief as I am tired and not really thinking clearly.   I will keep those thoughts that are floating around, try to form a reasonable facsimile of a paragraph and post it tomorrow.  For now my friends …

Good night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and always smile!!!

The Lens

The Lens

Okay, so ignore the dirty lens, but I had fun with this one.  The lighting didn’t work completely as I wanted, but I am pleasantly pleased with this one.

I really do wish I had a brain, today I had the opportunity to speak with some new individuals and I was so afraid if I spoke I would come across as I see myself, a little on the brainless side.  So sad that I have such low self-esteem and confidence in myself, but I know a lot of folks who have this problem.  Some wear it on their selves (like me) and some sit quietly by, but being quiet has never been an issue for me. lol  I actually do think I am losing brain cells, is that possible?  Anyway, this to shall pass, so farewell for the evening.

Good night beautiful friends!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!