Dew drop rose

Yes, I took the easy way out tonight.  This is a picture from the night before, I have not felt great today and the day wasn’t easy, hence the easy way out tonight.

I had one of those days that you really wouldn’t classify as bad (you know, because I am still breathing and all), but things just didn’t cooperate with me … equipment, the sun, wet ground because of the rain the day before … I felt everything was working against me. You those days when you just want to stick your head in the ground and say, ‘That’s it, I’m done’.   But alas I did work around these issues, but getting from point A to B was a little rough.   So here I sit, just resting on the couch and hearing my bed call out to me, as my eye lids are getting heavier.  So I think I will listen to my bed and go off to bed to dream of a better day.

As I said at first, this picture was taken last night, but at least I took it.  I really do have this fascination with flowers (and of course my cats). So there you have it, I have chosen a another flower yet again.


And with that, I am out.

Good Night beautiful friends and have the sweetest of dreams!!!


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