The Duo

Tonight’s picture started out completely different, however, I was just grasping at straws, so more time and practice will be needed in order achieve that picture.  So I just went off and tried different lighting ideas.

As usual my thoughts are all over the place tonight.  I just have so much to say, but not sure how to put all my thoughts in writing.(it’s kind of scary place, my mind)  Maybe I need to get a book or take a class on writing.  Writing in school was never my strong subject and I never really cared for it, however, the older I get I desire to have my writing sound intelligent and intriguing, I would like to hold the reader captivated no matter the subject. Today was a day with news that made me think of my dear friend Raydene and a visit from my son, which always makes me happy.

Okay, so the picture is of flowers, what else would it be …. lol.  I tell you these flowers are just hanging in there, can’t believe how great they still look. The lighting is a little different, but it works for me.  I like trying different, after all I can be pretty different at times, you know ‘out there’.


So there you have it, another day and another flower picture.  As I said the lighting is a little different, but I like it, plus I was getting tired.

Good Night my beautiful friends and have the sweetest of dreams.


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