It’s a focus issue

So here I am again, it has been awhile. This photo is a bit different, I am trying to illustrate my issues I have with focusing on one thing at a time. I have a few projects going here … I have a couple of projects I am working on with my computer, I also have a crochet project there and plus I am watching a show on the biggest focus buster around, the good old telly. I will say that this past year and the beginning this year I have completed more projects then I have ever finished!!! So I have that to make me feel pretty awesome!!!!

Okay, so having said that, I have been thinking of starting another blog, because well I need another project to divert my focus from all the other projects. haha But I truly have thought about another blog for one primary reason, and several little reasons, but the primary reason is ….. I love to write!!!! I so would like to become proficient in my writing skills and have folks find my writings intriging, well written, maybe they might learn something about themselves or others around them or just be entertained. Yes, all this from my writings, I have a quite a monumental task before me, but one I am looking forward to tackling. So be on the lookout for a new blog, as for this one, well this one will still be dedicated to photography, but not everyday. Maybe I will work on some things I am learning in photoshop, it will be a kind of smorgasbord of photography.

So there you have it my friends, so many projects to do, with focus issues, yes it’s going to be fun!!!!


It’s been awhile


So I have not been on in a while, I haven’t even picked up my camera in a while, except for my work camera.  It’s not that I have a lot going on, I’m just not sure exactly what I want to do with they whole photography thing, what I want to do with this blog, what I want to do all together.  You see I’m a great dreamer, I’m a pretty good planner, it’s the follow through that I lack. I am a procrastinator, I am actually one of the best!!! So at least I have that, not much, but at least I’m pretty good at something. lol

I also have a picture of a dog, which doesn’t happen so much around here, this being a home of cats.  It was fun photographing this little lady, she moves fast, so I had to move right along with her.

Oh I have to mention that my son, whom I love very much, has decided to move back to Texas, which makes me one happy momma!!!

Good night for now my friends, not sure when I will write again.  I really need to get my focus back.

The Blanket

The Blanke

It’s been a while since I posted and even though the picture is not a wow, earth shattering image, the subject itself is a pretty amazing thing and I believe a great story behind it or at least an interesting and somewhat insightful story. (oh please disregard all the little bits on the floor, with four cats who hate the vacuum, my floor tends to be a mess, lol)

This very night I have finally finished this blanket which I started somewhat fifteen years ago (yes, I am that person, the procrastinator, but of course most of you know this already). I have had this blanket sitting around, just waiting for me to finish it, to put it together, to complete it, so at the beginning of the year I decided it was time to either get rid of it and let someone else finish it or just do it myself, well the picture really says it all.

You would think it would be easy to put this little blanket together, I had twenty-nine squares which just needed to be stitched together, simple …. right? Unfortunately as I crocheted each square this somewhat fifteen years ago, I really was not doing it properly and I knew I wasn’t, but I just kept going crocheting away knowing it was wrong, end result …. twenty-nine squares all mismatched, uneven and not really able to be stitched together properly. This reminds me of life, we go along day-to-day making mistakes (at times knowingly) and instead of fixing it right then, we just keep going, learning nothing, not stopping to fix it, we just push forward until one day we have to face our mistakes, we must fix the messed up pieces and try to put them together or just runaway. I chose to fix the squares (which needed lots of fixing, smh) in order for the blanket to fit together.

I am so happy I persevered and completed this blanket I started this somewhat fifteen years ago, this is such a great way to start out a new year, completing a task which I started so long ago. This will hopefully be the first of a long list of started projects that this silly procrastinator has sitting around just waiting for me to complete.

Hopefully this will inspire someone to face a task that is before them, a task that needs completing, but may not be easy.

Okay, I’m done, both with the blanket and my story for the night. Please always remember, be inspired by someone else or maybe you can inspire someone, either way keep moving forward and complete those tasks.

That’s One year down

The ContrastThe Star-2

I did it, one year ago today I started this blog. My intention was to post a picture everyday for one year and along the way improve my writing skills.  Although I did not post a picture everyday (I missed sixty-four days total, thirty of them in a row) and I am not really sure my writing skills have improved much, I am still pretty happy with what I did accomplish.  For most of the year I picked up my camera everyday (which was one of my goals) and took a photo (another goal), I had fun (this was just one advantage) and I did learn a thing or two along the way (learning something is always a good thing).

So my challenge this next year shall be to improve my photography, learn to edit better through Lightroom, plus learn a little more in photoshop and I still would like to improve my writing stills, so don’t look for a photo everyday.   Seriously, I would like for my pictures to have a wow effect and for my writing to keep people spell-bound (well maybe not spell-bound, but to keep them intrigued).

Okay so I know the name says “A Daily Photo”, but for the time being I shall leave everything as is, but stay on your toes for something new.

Thanks for the views, likes and comments this past year my friends, I really had fun doing this and looking forward to another year of pictures!!! I appreciate you so much!!!

Have a fabulous day or night (not sure when you will be viewing this), smile and let’s try to love one another a little more.

Look, it’s the moon

The Moon-5

So here it is the first day of the year (can you believe it’s 2018, yay!!!!) and I have done it, I am actually posting a picture.   After not posting for a month, for the second day in a row I am posting a picture and what do I post …. the moon, which isn’t really creative or interesting, but none the less, I am posting a picture and it’s of the moon.  Some times in life we just have to get over things and this is one of them, get over it.

Life is like that at times, we need to get over things, move on and try to learn something from it … what have I learned from this, (you may ask … or maybe not, what do I know) I need to open my mind to do more creative pictures, I need to grab my camera, get in the car and go, go explore, go have fun and go take pictures, lots and lots of pictures.

It’s a new year my friends, face it with a smile, a positive thought and a fire in our hearts.



The Last Day, but not the last post


So the year is almost over and I have failed 64 times to post a picture on my blog, 30 of those days were in the last month.  I do not see this as a being a failure as I have only missed out on 64 days of 365 and for a procrastinator, this is a pretty good accomplishment!!! I have not posted since November 30 due for several reasons … lack of motivation, my creativity seemed to be dried up (it’s like writers block, but for photographers, I guess you would call it photographers block, lol) and just feeling a little blah!!!!  I am feeling not quite so blah, but as you can see my creativity has not really returned, but I am finishing the year with two important pictures …. the tree because I have this thing for trees and love photographing them and the other because I have hope that I will get better this year, in so very many areas in my life.

Also my friends, I will continue to post pictures on this blog, but the next year I shall consecrate more on improving my photographing rather than posting everyday.  I shall work on getting out of my comfort zone, out of my house and try to be more creativity. So stayed tuned …..

Happy New Year my friends!!!!!!!!!!



The Two

The Aayla-3The Stars

As I sit here looking at the photos I took today, which took me awhile to get to as I get distracted very easily, so here I am an hour later and finally posting on my blog.

I often do get distracted, you know I start one project, walk away for a moment and then get distracted by something else, conversation with someone, other things that need to be done, shiny things, etc.  It’s quite frustrating for me, rushing to get things finished because I lose my focus so easily.  I often say over and over in my head (because saying it out loud would just be crazy) … focus, focus, FOCUS!!!! So here is hoping for betters days for me and more focus, oh look a cat … lol!!!

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!

The Purple and The Green

The Green-3The Purple

I have skipped a few days again, so I posted two pictures tonight.  I have let myself slide out of routine of a new photo ever night and it seems I am having a little problem getting back into my routine, but I am diligently working on it.

I love those days when you work with someone and everything just clicks, well today was one of those days.   You know when you  work with some people, you just feel as though you learn something and you feel as though you were helpful, yes those days that make you feel good.  I had more to say, but the hour is late, I am tired and I must try to get some rest.

Good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Oil

I had this in mind a few days ago, but it took me a few days to get it together to accomplish it, you know I am a procrastinator (I’m actually the Queen of Procrastination). This is olive oil being poured into water, pretty interesting.

So I want to talk about a good news story tonight.  I have a friend who was in need of some car work and she asked on Facebook if anyone had a good recommendation to get it fixed.  Long story short, her car is now fixed, thanks to a great friend (mind you she just asked last night and today the car is fixed).  Such a blessing to have a friend who will step up and help out right then … not I can help you on the weekend or in a few days …. no excuses, just action!!! This made my day!!!

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed (see above story, my friend is such a blessing to others, she has been blessed), keep it positive (this friend always remains positive, no matter what life throws at her) and smile (she has the most beautiful smile too, she is the walking epitome of my life slogan)!!

The Mysterious

The Back-5

Oh my gosh I am finally posting a picture, it has been over a week since I posted a picture and I went with a little easy.  I love these photographing these flowers, they have so much depth and detail, unfortunately I almost waited to long to photograph them as they are fading a little.

I have been under the weather this past week and just wanted to sleep, so that’s what I did and of course clean when needed.  So now I need to play catch up with my blog, I am thinking I just might try to take more photos and post two photos a day to make up for my down time, but we shall see if I can make that happen, after all I am a little lazy and a procrastinator.  Of course that is one of they things I wanted to improve with the help of this blog, but I am not sure much improvement was made, so maybe I will need to keep this blog going for another year, something to think about as the year is coming to an end.

Good Night my friends!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.