The Lighted Toy

The Lighted Toy-3

So I had this idea and this is how it turned out, I liked it better in black & white, you have a black & white photo.  I was a little tired tonight, so I am so happy I actual took a photo at all.

I have so many ideas of things I would like to accomplish and I really need to organize these thoughts in my head and start working on these ideas.  One thing in particular, several months ago I bought two books, one to help me expand my blog (I am even thinking of creating another blog) and a book to help me with my writing, as of yet …. I have done nothing!!!! Procrastination is like my buddy, who whispers in my ear to abandon my ideas to so something else and I need to tame this friend and focus, focus, focus!!!

With that I will bid you all a farewell, so good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!! 🙂


The Cross and The Flag

The Cross and The Flag-3

So this idea came from a t-shirt I saw today at church, I am pretty pleased with this results.  I didn’t really need to spend a lot of time on it, all of it just feel into place.   When I mentioned I had a idea about a picture, some laughed and said there will probably be a cat in the picture as well.  There was a cat in the picture, but she was really placed there by me, as a added bonus I have included the picture below.

The Cross and The Flag-4

I cannot describe to you the wonderful and great folks I am surrounded by at any given moment.  The people that God has placed in my life help to guide me through this life and are helping me to become the person that I need to become, which is becoming an amazing journey.  As I prepare of the week ahead I realize I need to stay focused on the positive aspects of this journey and not let all the negative weigh me down.  Maybe I can make this my motto, instead of breath in and breath out, I can say positive in and negative out.  Something to think about during the week ahead.

In order to face the week ahead, I need to get a good nights rest, soooo …. Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Bugs

The Bugs

So I actually ventured out and remembered to take my camera, this is a car show that was at Oktoberfest we went to today.

Is was a great day spent with some great friends!!! The food, the talks and the laughs were incredible, it was some much needed relaxation for all of us.  Isn’t so nice to be around friends, who know you very well (very,very well) and still enjoy your company.  I feel truly blessed to have these friends and so enjoy spending time with them, we laugh, we have serious talks about our children and we just enjoy each others company (of course when I am the designated driver, it’s hard to carry on a conversation because some folks maybe be speechless, lol, yes I am that driver), maybe I should have bought them a couple more beers for that drive home. haha (I crack myself up sometimes)

It is time to call it a night, with the walking (and all the eating), the sweating (it was pretty hot today) and the talking I am wiped out.  Good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Rose Again

The Other Rose-4

So it is a another rose picture and it might seem as though it is like last nights picture, it is in fact a different picture.

Today was one of those days when I wish we could hit a start over button.  My brain seemed as though it could not function properly.  I have made a few not so great decision, I have gotten confused on where I was going to meet someone and failed to understand what I was to do with a camera and to top it off I was late for an appointment …. when it’s bad, it’s bad.  It seemed as though any and all obstacles where in my way as I tried to get to the appointment on time today and well, it just wasn’t meant to be, it was a rough my friends. All the way home I felt horrible about it, but then I just had to let it go, we all make mistakes, we all have those days and we cannot let these days define us. I am so thankful the work day is over, thankful it’s Friday and thankful tomorrow we will spend the day with some great friends, who will help me recovery from my day, of course there will be some joking about me being such a scatter brain, but it’s therapy and will help (as long as I don’t take it the wrong way and get defense, which seems to happen)

Good Night beautiful friends, sweet dreams!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Other Dew Drop Rose

The Dew Drop Rose-2

Well, it’s another flower picture, I thought I might just explore something new, but I  fell asleep after dinner and decided to go with something quick.

Tonight I will be telling a short funny story … This morning as I was leaving for work my GPS was having me go one way and I thought to myself “I really don’t think that is the best way”, so I decided to go a different way, well I was … now pay attention, because I don’t say this often …. I was wrong.  I ended arriving 20 minutes later than I would have if I followed the GPS.  I find this mildly amusing, I will not be so quick as to disregard my GPS again!!!

Good night beautiful friends.  I am tired (from all that extra driving), I brain is tired (well because I am me) and I am thankful (because that’s the only way to be).  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!! 🙂


The Dew Drop Rose

The Dew Drop Rose

Yes, a rose has made another appearance.  I photographed this little jewel for a while this evening when I took this one and new it was the one.  After reviewing a couple of others with the hubby, we both decided, this was indeed the one.

Not sure if anyone has noticed, I have not posted for several days, not necessarily in a row.  During the summer I was not working, now that I am now back to a full schedule,  I am having trouble falling into a pattern and just not able to get everything done that needs to be completed.  I will work on this, as I have so much I would like to get done, but at times I am limited by my lack of motivation.

Good night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Trucks


The Climb

This picture was meant to be posted last night, however, due to some technology difficulties I was not able to post.   But here I am tonight, ready to display my latest creation.

Unfortunately tonight is one of those nights I have nothing, not one thing is going on in the brain of mine, well except how I want to go to sleep. So I think I will just do that tonight.

Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Aayla

The Aayla

This is my girly girl Aayla, she came to us a couple of months ago from a very loving home, but due to some unfortunate circumstances she needed a new loving home, soooooo ….. she now belongs to us. I feel for the previous owner, I am sure she is still upset she had to give her up, but she is sure safe, secure and happy with us.

I didn’t get a chance to post last night, I had a busy and late night, then on top of that when we went to bed there was company waiting for us …. ANTS!!! Not sure what they were attracted to, maybe a little body sweat in the sheets, as I needed to change the them. So our night was spent trying to rid ourselves of these pesky little things and trying to get some rest.  Luckily we had an air mattress to sleep on that night and after a day of cleaning and ensuring we no longer had any friends joining us we will make an attempt to sleep in our bed tonight.

For tonight that is all I have, before I close my eyes tonight I will be saying a prayer for those in the path of Irma, praying for their safety, their families and their homes.  Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember, be  a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!! 🙂

The Verse II

The Verse II-3.jpg

Yes, it’s another Bible verse, but as I was thinking of what to do tonight, once again a verse came to mind.

So I have sat here thinking of what to write and did write a whole story, but felt that maybe it wasn’t time for that story, so I saved it for another day.  So I will go in this direction tonight, I think if we knew of the things others do in the way of helping others, I think we might be surprised. Just because they don’t tell of the good deeds they have done, does not mean they do not exist.  Being humble is a good thing.  Anyway, I am a little tired, I need some rest and a few sweet dreams.

Good Night beautiful friends!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Verse

The Verse

I was just experimenting with a few things and settled on this one, I think it looks kind of cool.

As we faced this day and the days ahead I am going to tell a story that for a moment might just make someone laugh, giggle or just feel better about themselves.  So I decided to make a purchase for my hubby and when I arrived home today, there is was sitting by the house.  It was quite a large and heavy box, so I had a bright idea to load it in my car to get it into the garage.  Well, I am not a bright person (apparently) and as I was backing the car up, it happened …. with the hatchback open I seemed to have not thought about how high the hatchback was when opened and WHAM!!! the hatchback hit the garage door.  The garage door is bent a bit and with a little gentle persuasion I was able to get the garage door closed. As for the hatchback, well it is in need of much work to be able to properly function again.  I have confessed my brainless action to my hubby and he was such a gem about it, of course it does help that these things did happen while moving a gift I had bought for him.  So the hubby is happy, my car is not and at least the garage door is closed.  Hopefully this will make someone feel better about some brainless action they might have done and also, not hold it against me, I really do have a brain, I just seem to forget to use it from time to time.

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.