A picture for Friday

So glad Friday is finally here, what a long busy crazy that we have survived. So you have probably guessed from the first sentence, I have taken the east way out again, but we will discuss that in a moment.

This morning as I was sitting and reading my daily devotional, I thought how truly thankful I all the little things …. I woke up this morning, for the air in my lungs, I have a job (that I don’t hate), I am not limited by any health issues to do my job (well except this dang toe that is still sore, but it doesn’t stop me) and most of all thankful for all my many friends and family who love me (not always easy, I know this for fact).

So having brought up the subject of loving me, this leads me to the subject of putting up with me.  I am truly thankful for those who do understand the qualities that make me, well me!!! We are all flawed and we all have certain characteristics that others may not find desirable, but hopefully we do not let that completely destroy  our relationship with them. I am horrible at staying in contact with people unless it’s face to face. I always think ‘I need to call or text so-so later’, then later I forget, some may think I am thoughtless, but maybe I just have a cluttered mind or maybe I need to wipe away the cob webs. Anyway, I will move on to the picture …

So as I said in the first paragraph, it has been a long tiring week, so I took the easy way … yes it’s a cat picture.  I just can’t help myself , she is just such a camera hound.  I don’t even know what to title this picture, maybe ‘Please mommy, can I have it’ lol.  This picture was also a result of some experimentation on focal length, so again learning as I go along with this blog.


There you have it, tonight’s picture.

Good Night beautiful friends!! Have the sweetest of dreams and be thankful for the little things.


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