Working on settings

So today I decided to experiment with some camera settings, because that really is one of the reasons for this blog. learning about camera settings.

I really must admit to something, today was a day of taking down our Christmas decorations … yes, we are those people. In this situation I prefer not being called a procrastinator, as much as we are Christmas enthusiast. haha It is a chore in our house to take down all our Christmas decorations, I was not kidding when I said we are enthusiast.

It’s time to talk about the picture, you know the point of this blog. As I stated above, I was experimenting with camera settings, more to the point .. depth of field. I set a very small f-stop, 1.8 to be exact, and I focused on our Josephine’s nose.  Notice her nose is in sharp focus, but her body is blurred, even her eyes are not quite as sharp as her nose.


So there you have it, another of our Josephine, but at least I experimented with camera settings. On the plus side, I have ordered an item (and hope it arrives tomorrow)  which I hope will help to achieve a more creative photo, you will just have to wait and see the results.

Good Night my beautiful friends!!! Have the sweetest of dreams!!!




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