Yes, it’s that time again …

Picture time …. yes my friends, if you are counting this is the nineteenth day in a row of taken photos and posting on my blog. The past nineteen days have been so much fun and I have learned a few things already, looking forward to rest of the year!!

I am so excited about this blog, my blog (I really do like to say that) and the possibilities that could arise from this endeavor.  After taking pictures everyday for a year,  I am hoping to have gained so much knowledge and experience that I will become more comfortable with a camera.  I am going to start browsing pictures and find examples of pictures I would like try to conqueror. So let’s get to the picture for tonight.

Yes, it’s a cat picture, yes it’s a cat picture with a flash and YES it’s a cat picture with a flash that is hidden.  I’m tired and well, I just love this girl and her utter fascination with the flash.  I have been contemplating this image for a while and just decided today was the day!!! Even though I have done a picture like this before, don’t be fooled …. do you know have difficult it is to get a cat to do what you want them to do, they do have minds of their own.  Enjoy or don’t enjoy, because I can’t take it back, after all it’s out there for you to see and you can’t really un-see it, unless you have one of those devices from that movie with the men that wore dark suits with that device that erased a portion of your memory.   Anyway heeeeeere’s the Josey ….


There you have it, another cat picture with the flash hidden, I really think this picture is interesting and I love it.

Good Night my beautiful friends!!!  Have a super evening and the sweetest dreams!!


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