And it is done

Another day, another picture and it is done.

I love trying different things with my photography and tonight is one of those photographs, well at least for me.  I realize that some may view my photographs as blasé and that’s okay, because the point of this blog is for me to gain knowledge and understanding of photography so as to improve my images.  At the end of this year if others still find my photographs as blasé, well that will still be okay, because as the saying goes … “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.  I am not really here to impress others with my photographs (however, it’s always nice when others enjoy your work), I’m just trying to gain improvement in my favorite hobby, become a better writing and kick the procrastinating in me out the door.

I am also in the process of learning how to do a few craft projects (yes, finally I am becoming one of those achievers I wish had become earlier in my life) and if I am a success, I may just show you a few of my creations (however, that is a big IF).  Okay, so on with the picture …

I have tried this picture before, however the vessel I used in my prior attempt did not make the final result very successful. I am reasonable pleased with the results, so I am posting for all to see.  I am very fortunate that today I was able to find the perfect vessel to complete this vision I had in my head …. done before probably and now by me.


And there you have it and it is done …. the image, the day and my brain (well, for this evening anyway).

Good Night and have the sweetest of dreams my friends.


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