New day, new picture

I cannot believe that I have posted to this blog for twenty-six days in a row!!!! If I have done nothing else, I am kicking that procrastination side of me to the curb!!! But I believe have also gained little more experience with my camera and I am working on being a little more creative.  Just think  of all the days I have left to improve my photography!!!!

I recently learned a valuable lesson about judging others to harshly before knowing the facts.  I always hope people would not do this to me and today I did that very thing.  I am extremely embarrassed I did this, especially since I knew this person quite well and will be careful not to do this again. So I just had to get that off my chest, I really don’t feel better, but I am praying I will think twice next time.

Let’s discuss tonight’s interesting picture.  I recently ordered this glass ball for use in my photography and it came in today!! This is the first picture I took, it is not very fancy or eye-catching, but I think it’s interesting none the less and can’t wait to get out there and try more photos.  So I know you’re probably thinking …. ‘how many different photos can I take with this glass ball?’ …. well I would say …. ‘you never know, only time will tell’.


So today was a very thought-provoking, picture-taking kind of day and I am glad I survived.  I love life and I love that everyday is another day to try again.

Have a good evening my beautiful friends.  Remember, do not take life for granted, be thankful for everyday you get, love those around you and remember to love yourself!!!!


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