Oh look, I did it again ..

Yes, I am really getting the hang of this taking a picture every night.  Alright, alright, I will admit I need to have a little more fun with something other than a cat, but it’s okay to admit that you are following in love with them, I did!!

I love my cats tremendously … they are spoiled, they are loved and they are part of our family!!! Tonight we decided to have a sit down dinner with a very dear family member, this is something we rarely do during the week.  Upon our return, two of our furry babies were waiting at the door with such a look of bewilderment …. “You left us!!!”.  Although they felt it was serious situation, it was quite humorous.  So since I brought up my cats ….

Yes, I did another cat picture, although this time it’s not really a “I like to have my picture taken” kind of photo.  No fun, no curiosity, no hamming it up(did I even use that right?)  with the camera, just our Snowball telling me with her look she was displeased with me.  I titled this one …. “Get that thing away from me!!!!!” If she was a growling cat, this is where should would have done so and pounced on me, but my girl is not a dainty girl and she is not little, if she did pounce, she would probably knock me out!!! ha


She is such a beauty!!!

Good Night my friends and have the sweetest of sweet dreams!!!

Until tomorrow my friends,

Smiley, The Cat Mom (just trying out names)


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