Another day is done

Here it is, another photo from my camera and myself.  I have been very busy with work, which makes me very tired for home, which means my photos are a little lacking.  The point of this blog is so I will pick up my camera more often and in this aspect, I am succeeding immensely.  Every day for the last twenty-two days I have picked up my camera and photographed something and have learned a thing or two!!

As you get older your body reminds you that you need to take care of yourself a little better and you’re not as young as you used to be …. today is one of those days. ha  But I am happy I get to do something I enjoy.  I think tonight my brain is a little dry for words, so I will move on to the picture.

It’s not a cat … woo hoo!!! I call this one … “Sands through the hourglass”. Not much more to stay, except I will be trying this again, it can be much better.


So there you have it, another picture, another lesson learned and another post on my blog …. it’s a good day indeed.

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Have a slumberous sleep with sweet dreams.



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