It’s another day

So here I am with another picture.  My friends this is an incredible feat for me, the person who has always procrastinated her whole life has taken another picture for another day.

As a sit here typing a couple of things come to mind … 1) I really need to buy a book that will help me improve my writing, which needs refinement and my vocabulary could use a little expansion.  So a quest will begin to find that book, hopefully just one, that will help me become a writer that can hold the reader’s attention and be entertaining as well!!  2) Spending time with family and friends can be a immensely therapeutic, well as long as they like to be with you.  I say this after spending the past two days with friends and family whom I love.  Today spent with an adorable little baby, when I held him it’s like everything else just went away, it reminded me of when my baby was a baby and still needed me.  So enough of my l mindless ramblings, let’s get to the picture.

So it is another day of stepping outside the four walls of my home into my yard.  Yes, it is another dandelion(what can I say, once I find something I like to photograph, I  experiment with different angles and lighting), but this time I photographed looking up looking. It turned out to be an interesting shot and not going to hide it ….. I love it!!!  Even though today was outside again, my cats may appear again from time to time as I love photographing them and a friend said she liked them, this made me very happy.

So here is tonight’s treasure (well at least I think it is).


Not sure if anyone actually reads my blog or they just look at the pictures, either way thank you so much for taking time to view my blog.

Good Night my beautiful friends!! May you have the sweetest of sweet dreams!!!



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