The Two



The Two-3

I really like glow sticks, I find I can achieve some interesting photographs with them. Maybe this is not that interesting, but I think it is pretty interesting looking.  It’s all about finding the right settings and I did use Lightroom to complete the picture.  Some may think using Lightroom is cheating, but I like to use it and that will be all I say about it.

Have you every stopped to think about how loyal you are or the folks you deal with are to you? ….. I think I am pretty loyal or at least I think I am.  It’s a great thing to be loyal, it’s so important to know you have someone you can count on, someone who will stand by you, someone who cares enough to put you before them sometimes.  So there you have it, more of my ramblings, but honest ramblings.

Good night beautiful friends. Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and always smile!!! (I added that always to smile, because it just seems right)



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