The Spill

The Champagne

So I photographed this one earlier and planned on posting earlier, but alas, things do not always go like we planned.  Yes, I went off the background, but it was a total accidental shot and thought it looked pretty cool.

As I stated, I photographed this earlier this afternoon and planned on posting later in the evening, however, my evening plans ran long, so here I am at this very late hour posting my blog.  Unfortunately, it is the early the next morning as I am posting this, but I did take this picture yesterday, so I am still holding on to the streak of picking up my camera everyday.  So let’s get to the reason my evening ran long, I went to a concert … Chris Tomlin was so awesome, I could have listened to him into the night and the concert ran a lot longer than I thought it would.  All the artist were so fabulous …. Big Daddy Weave, Phil Wickam and Mosaic MSC, it was so great!!! Now, I am so tired and ready for sleep, since I came home and needed to get this blog done, which I can say I completed and sleep the good sleep.

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.


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