The Light

The Red

So this evening I wanted to find something different, so this is the result.  Pretty interesting and it’s just something I keep around the house.

Everyday is another chance to do what I didn’t get done the day before and today, well it definitely got away from me, so tomorrow my to do list will be full.  We have a new kitty in the house and yesterday went pretty well, today did not go so well.  I am very hopeful that they situation shall improve over the next few days.  Luckily, our current kitties have adjusted and are back to their normal routine, however, new kitty is still adjusting, but again I am pretty hopeful she will be fine.  My husband is somewhat of a cat whisperer, he has a following everywhere he goes, so still be fine before long.  Wish us luck in this current situation and say a little praying all works out.

Good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The New

The New

Tonight’s picture is brought to you by Aayla, our newest family member!!! Oh my goodness we are already in love with this girl!!! I know this house goes a little crazy over cats, but we all have something.

The past few days I have been thinking about many things, but the one thing that has really been plaguing me is how interact with each other.   Lately I have noticed more and more the unhappy looks on peoples.  I try to share a smile with them, but usually I just get scowl in return.  It just saddens me that so many people are angry, maybe sad and unhappy or just plain mean.  I know I don’t always smile, but if someone smiles at me, I in return smile back, I don’t look at them like they are an idiot (I do get this look often)  At my job we are trained to pay attention to our resting face, to make sure we are not coming across as unapproachable.  Sometimes I think we should teach manners or maybe have etiquette classes, I mean how hard is it to be decent human being.  Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest.

Good night beautiful friends. Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!

The Look

The Look

So I almost forgot about a picture tonight and my angry Snowball was ready with the look.  I only took a couple and she gave me this look, she much personality in such a little cutie.

You may be asking why I forgot to take a picture (or maybe you’re not, what do I know), well we now have another cat in the house.  So my day and evening has been spent getting the new kitty, whose name is Aayla, to relax in the new environment and the current kitties, Snowball, Juliette  and Josephine, to relax with the new kitty.  These babies are all just freaking out a little, but  we just know that soon we will be one big happy family, just not tonight.   We are so excited to have another kitty to spoil and love.  Well, I need to go spend some quality time with the kitties.  BTW, the look of angry from Snowball might be for the new kitty, but more likely for me and my camera. haha

Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember,  be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Three

The Three-3

As I might not have time tonight to post, I decided to go ahead and post earlier than normal.  I actual tried a little harder on this one and as you can see it’s not the one from last night, but close.  I did make a couple of errors, we will just chalk it up to another lesson learned.

I just love those days when you are able to get a lot done, today my friends, well today has been on of those days for me.  I am such a procrastinator and today I actually completed so many things on my to do list, okay I didn’t really have a list, just cleaned up some clutter around the house.  I have so much clutter around my house, things that need to be throw out, gone through and organized.  I set things aside and say, ‘I deal with that later’, this is were the ghastly procrastination comes in to play.  I wish I could be this on fire everyday, it feels great and helps clear my mind.

Good evening beautiful friends!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!

The Opposite

The Opposite

As usual, I am not one hundred percent satisfied with this picture and after looking at it on here, I really need to work on this one again, so look for it to reappear, possibly tomorrow.

Showing this picture on my blog, well it shows a couple of things (1) I have days where I really don’t seem to know what the heck I am doing, (2) I have no problem showing my failures.  Showing ones failures is a good thing, we all have them, maybe some more than others (obviously I shine in this area).  Our failures lead us to another way to achieve our goals. I have a few quotes by some pretty famous folks floating around in this big air head of mine about trying again, failure, etc. ….. can I post those? I guess that is another thing I need to add to my to do list, remember I need to redo the above despicable mess.  I hope that displaying myself, putting it out there, maybe it will encourage you in some small way (of course maybe now you will never venture here again, I feeling confident so I will say, you will be missing out on some good stuff!!!)

Good night my beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile, it can help!!


The Strawberry

The Drop-9

This one was a little difficult as I did not have an assistant tonight, which brings up the fact that I really need to get a remote for my new camera …..  shhhh, don’t tell the hubby!!  I have done the whole strawberry drop, but something just told me to give it a try tonight and I am glad I did.  Might have looked a little better if I had cleaned the glass off after the last drop, but oh well, lesson learned.  That is the point of this blog right, learning lessons about photography.

Last night I was just beside myself with excitement over some of my achievements, well let me tell you, it carried that feeling into today.  I felt so engerized today and while I did not get as much done as I would have liked,  down deep I feel I have this, I can do these things ….. I CAN COMPLETE MY TO DO LIST!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Now, I need to talk about something I saw today while out getting our kitties their supply of food and snacks (yes, snacks, they are very spoiled, don’t you judge me).  So this very nice lady came in and said she was picking up an order she placed on-line, when the gentleman returned he had a cart full of cat litter, like at least 10 of those buckets.  Well I asked if she ran an animal shelter and she said she was donating them to the shelter.  Wow, how awesome is that and inspiring, I need to be more generous, I was just blown away!!! Anyway, I will be thinking about this for a while.

Good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!


The Duo

The Two-5

Even thought I knew I would be busy this evening with my small group meeting, I failed to work on the picture before I left, so I crammed it into a few minutes when I arrived home.  I was in such a hurry I didn’t check the counter, so please forgive the spots on the counter and I did not use a background.

You know I was thinking how this blog has helped me with my procrastination, at least as far as this blog is concerned, with the exception of one evening I have taken a photo and completed this blog since January 4.  At first I was thinking, yes I have completed this blog, but it really hasn’t helped me with everything else in my life.  Then I had to stop and realize that it doesn’t matter if anything else has been effected, because for one hundred and fifty-three days I have picked up my camera, taken a picture and written on this blog.  This is a huge accomplishment for me …… HUGE!!!! Of course it’s not all about the procrastination, but I have kept my focus on this blog and I am actually completing something. Wait, my procrastination, my lack of focus and my inability to complete a task …. check, check, check, this is much bigger than I thought!!!! I am feeling like a rock star right now!!! Now, after all that, I am pretty tired.

Good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Petals

The Petals

Tonight’s picture is a combination of boredom, flowers and looking for something different, without really put in too much effort.  Yes, you guessed it, I am totally lazy this evening.  It happens from time to time, I have no idea’s and really don’t feeling like putting forth the effort, so you get the above results.

You know those ‘ah-ha’ moments, when you realize something about yourself (besides the fact that tonight I am lazy). Sometimes those moments can change how you see yourself, well I am on this journey right now.  I am not going to get into all the details, just know I am most definitely working on some things, it’s not a bad thing, just a realization.  I mean how can it be a bad thing, it’s me …. me the person who is full of lollipops and gumdrops, me the person full of nonsense (really, I usually make no sense at all), me the person full nothing (seriously, if you look through one ear you can see right through), I mean really I have trouble just walking across the room at times (I prefer to say the floor just really like me). ha  I  just crack myself up at times, it’s okay if you didn’t laugh, not everyone gets me (part of the nonsense I was speaking of).  Well, I am off my friends, to think about this journey I am on and maybe eat some ice cream.

Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep positive and smile.

The Colorless Closeup

The Colorless-3

Yes my friends, it’s another flower, I just cannot help myself.  I really like trying to find creative ways to photograph these lovely creations of nature.  So beautiful, always sitting there ready for me to snap that prefect picture, unlike my cats who seem to run from me when they see me getting my camera out. lol

Yesterday I said I had nothing to talk about and I forgot a very important thing to discuss …. my son’s birthday!!!! I must have been more than a little off my game, not to even mention this wonderful day in my history (oh and his history).  I love this child of mine so much and I am so proud of him.  He has become a gentleman of character and he is so very handsome (of course he get’s his good looks from me, ha).  I don’t get to see him or talk with him as much as I would like and I did mention this to him in the card I gave him for his birthday.  Hoping in the future we will have better communication between us.   Now, this week my intentions are to find those books I ordered (actual open them and read them) so that I may enhance my writing capabilities in order to bring my blog to a higher level.  So be on the lookout and wish me luck, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.

The Bright One


The Bringt One-2

As you can tell I have purchased more flowers, so look for more pictures of these lovely flowers.  I really enjoy coming up with different ways to photograph them, just fun.

Today is the first day in two days I feel normal, like maybe I could win that race.  I am still a little tired, but feeling so much better.   This is a day when I really have nothing to say, even thought I am feeling better, I am still not on my game and just feel like my brain is still not quite functioning at full capacity.  So for this evening I will bid you farewell and say so long.

Good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.