The Basket

The Basket

Tonight, I was in a little bit of a rush and went with quick and easy.  I really do love using the flash in creative ways.  I have a book that I need to finish reading about using the flash in creative ways, of course it’s mostly about photographing people, but I really don’t have a lot of folks lining up to have me photograph them.  However, I would image if a asked a few friends to let me photograph them for free they wouldn’t mind.

I really do have issues, I have a crazy mind, which thinks up crazy things, which gets me into crazy situations with the ones a care about the most.  When I think about me and my brain so many thoughts go through my mind, the may thing I think  …. “What is wrong with me?”.  When I mentioned to a few friends about this one of them said “It’s not always about you”, although she was just joking and trying to lightly the mood (well, at least I think she was), but she was correct in saying these words.  She was correct and I am trying to focus more on others and not me.  I really could go into a long triad about what I think it is, but then I would telling you my opinion and well it would seem to be about me and well, it really isn’t about me.  So here’s to not letting any of us get to wrapped up in ourselves.  Our time here on this big planet earth is just temporary and we should be just helping each other, being kind to one another, make someone feel better about themselves and just love one another.  Seems easy, but apparently it’s not,  if it was we would see lots of happy peppy people walking around. The day is done, I am tired, think I will just close my eyes, try to sleep and think about how I might make someone’s day better and brighter.

Good night beautiful friends!!! Always remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile. (I am trying)


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