The Lighted

The Lights-3

This one is a little different, here we have a close up of a speaker.  I was just walking around with the camera and thought it might be an interesting photo, so once again I took it.  I have been super busy this week so my photos were quick and easy.

Tonight, well tonight I have nothing, no words, no thoughts, just empty space …. I can almost here the crickets chirping it’s so quiet.  Maybe because it’s late, I have been busy this week and am just plain tired.  So that is all I have for tonight, it’s hard to believe I have nothing to say, this rarely happens. Well actually I have things in my head, but I am having trouble translating them onto this page.  So I will get some rest, organize my thoughts and meet you back here tomorrow evening.

For now farewell beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.


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