The Sunburst

The Sunburst

So whilst looking around for something interesting or cool to photograph I stumbled across this pretty cool looking shot, so as you can gather I took the shot!!

Right now the most important relationship I have is the one I have with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Jesus is my best friend and is the closest relationship I have right now.  I have scars which need to be healed, scars that come out in irrational ways at times.  These irrational ways have caused some of my other relationships to suffer and be tarnished, at times completely ruined.  I am very fortunate to have so many fine and forgiving folks in my life whom have looked past these moments of insanity to see the heart that is within me. Getting back to this important relationship with Jesus, I need this now, just Him and I, spending time alone in conversation, working through all these scars which have caused me to become, at times,  this disaster of a human.  These scars that cause me to hold on to the pain and disappointments of the past like THEY are my best friend.   These scars that cause me to lash out in unreasonable ways when one word is said or even one look is given, yes I have a weird brain and at the moment this is how it works.   These scars that cause me to doubt myself in all I do, these scars that cause me to doubt anyone could like me, these scars that cause me to be this insanely disastrous unreasonable human with irrational responses to the most seemly simple  situations. Yes, this is way at this very moment in my life, Jesus is my best friend.

Good night beautiful friends!!!! Always remember and never forget, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!



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