The Storm

The Storm-2

I have this complete fascination with clouds, along with cats and water, so that is why I took my camera outside and photograph the stormy clouds today.

This morning as I was driving down the highway I had a thought about the changes I am working on in me and I have seen some positive, but still that my old negative thinking self comes through. Well this had me thinking why I have those times and I realized why, I have this need to be liked, to show I am smart and at times better at something than others, that is why the jerk in me comes out. Then this morning this thought come to mind …. God already thinks I am smart enough, good enough and better at being me than anyone else. That’s what I need to focus on, everything else will fall into place.  Now, I am tired, because well, I did way to much thinking today.  I think I might have hurt my brain, seriously, I had a headache earlier today.  When will I learn, don’t think so much, it hurts.

With that I will bid you farewell, good night and all that stuff.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.


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