The Half

The Half.jpg

I have been a little busy this week so it’s another quick and easy picture, but I do like they way it turned out. I obviously tweaked it a little in Lightroom, but I am still pleased with this picture.

The picture is of a tree we have in our yard, I love this tree. It started it’s life growing in a boat (that’s right a boat) and we decided to try to transplant it into our yard and we are very thankful that this tree has grown into a beautiful and tall tree.  The elements have taken its toll on it from time to time … ice, snow, high winds, but this tree just keeps coming back stronger, prettier and better.   It reminds me that life can be rough at times, but you can keep going, coming back, be better and stronger than ever.  Everyday when I see this tree, I think about all it’s has been through, but is still here standing tall, full of life and full of leaves (because well trees have leaves you know, what else would I say).  It reminds me to never give up and to keep trying, keep fighting and also to always stand tall.  Well I am out of here, as I said I am really busy this week.  I usually have nothing to do on the week nights and I mean NOTHING!!! But this week is full of exciting adventures and visits, makes me feel pretty good.

So have a good evening my friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.


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