The Shadow

The Shadow-7

So I was looking for something different, something that would make you think “What the heck?” Hopefully, I have achieved my goal here.   This is actually a shadow created by my flash and shelf liner, you know the rubber kind, anyway it’s interesting.

It’s late tonight and I am a little bit frustrated, as I was working on a project that ended up being a complete waste of my time, because I this old brian cannot funtion very well at this point in my life.   Having said that I will shift my focus to a conversation I had yesterday with a friend.  After talking with her I felt completely at peace, uplifted and inspired.  She inspired me to be there more for people,  listen more to their problems (I mean really listen, without interrupting and judging), encourage them in their situation with my words and with my wisdom (I do have wisdom occasionally) and maybe send them notes of encouragement either by text, cards in the mail or just pick up the phone and call them.

The hour is upon me for some sleep so I will bid you good night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!! 🙂


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