The Light Steam

The Light Steam-2

So here is a new idea, finally something different, plus something that made me think and work for it.  I actually tried to this one by myself, but then looked on the internet for ideas on how to do this and voilà, you have a pretty great result, plus I learned some valuable information.  Score me!!!!

It feels good to feel good about something you have done.  I have had such a cloud over me the last week, (probably longer) but today, well today was a better day. and this picture makes it even better.  So many kind people have encouraged me through scripture the past couple of days and it was just what I needed.   That is really how we should be with each other, encouraging each other through scripture, lifting them up and helping them over these little bumps in the road of life.  I have been working on things this summer, this will be a good one for me to work on …. lifting others up, encouraging them and letting them know that they matter.  That’s what we are here for anyway, right?

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing (like lifting others up) and be blessed, keep it positive (this will help in encouraging others) and smile (just a smile can lift someones mood).



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