The Under

The Under-2

I told you these flowers would be my subject for many, many days.  This was not the intention today, but I really didn’t like the results of the original plan, so the flowers are back.

It seems at times for some of us, the words or actions of others hold us captive, they stay with us for to long, we forgive are friends, but those words or actions just hang on, to remind us that these people found fault with us.  Then you have those times were you may blunder with your words or actions and there you are, held captive by your mistakes, unfortunately you may be haunted by these past mistakes, marking yourself as a failure.   We may let these things linger far to long in our mind, rehashing every word or action, wishing we could just redo the very thing that set all this in motion.  Although we cannot change the past, we can do something very important … forgive, show mercy and love ourselves and others.   It’s really just that simply, but oh so hard to do.  But as for me, I shall work on this with all my heart.

Well I am tired and now need to add yet another to work on so with that I will bid you all farewell, good night my beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile, it helps most days.



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