The Bright One

The Bright one-2

I really like flowers, so of course I have another picture of a flower.  I wasn’t in quite as much of a rush tonight, so I had some time to play.

Have you ever looked at someone’s yard and thought  …. ‘What, is your mower broke?’  Well, that was our yard (and yes, the mower I use is currently down), but thankful we (really just the hubby)  were able to get the yard mowed. Okay, you might be wondering why I didn’t just use the other mower, well it’s a very fascinating story, I can’t drive anything that has a manual transmission.  Yes, you read that correctly … I CANNOT DRIVE ANYTHING WITH A MANUAL TRANSMISSION!!!! (and don’t you judge me) I would like to say there is an interesting story, like something happened in my younger days and I have this fear of driving a manual vehicle.  However, my story is not that complicated, I just can’t do it, I think my brain is not capable of handling it.  I can chew gum and walk at the same time or maybe I just think I can …. hmm, I must try this, maybe I really am unable to handle this simple function in life.   So there you have it another piece of the puzzle that makes me, well me.  I know I am a weird funny and sometimes a pain, but I wouldn’t change much, well except the whole procrastinating thing, oh and the whole I can’t drive a standard, well there’s also being more organized  …. well it appears there are several things I would like to work on, but still, I am pretty happy with me.

Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile, some people actually like to see people smile.


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