The Pink Rose

The Rose-3

Well look what is back, the rose.  I do so love photographing flowers and bought a couple different bunches, so be prepared to see more flowers.

Tonight let’s talk about shopping carts, you know those things we push around stores and pile all the things we would like to purchase in them.  I usually get the one with square wheel or the one that seems to always wants to make a right turn, it makes it difficult to shop always going to the right. Then we have those carts that people seem to think will “magically” make its way to the cart return on all on its own power, but end up rolling into someone else’s car, ouch!!!! Then you have the cart that may end up in the middle of the main drive of the parking lot and folks just drive around the cart instead of just moving it.  So there you have it, a blog about shopping carts, thought I needed to make it a little light tonight after the last couple blogs for which I wore my heart on my sleeve.

Good night my beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile, it might help someone and if it doesn’t at least you’re happy, even if the receiver is not willing. 🙂


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