The Candle

The Candle-2

So here I am again, so thankful I remember.  I was looking for something interesting to photograph and you know see the results.  I really need to try to expand my photos  and think outside the box more.  I will work on this and soon we shall see how much talent lies within me.

This morning I went in a different directions with my thoughts, so I decided I would post what I had planned to post in the first place. I always go back to God’s word, that is where my confidence comes from, however having confidence should not be confused with arrogance, which is indeed wrong and it is a fine line between the two.   I believe confidence in ones shelf comes from God, strength to so the things you fear the most and knowing that strength comes from God.  Arrogance comes for the enemy, is makes you believe you are better than others, which is never the case.  You may do something better than others, but that does not make you better and you should never treat others this way.  You have to guard yourself against this behavior, as the enemy likes to instill this in you as away to separate us from each other.  We must make allowance for others and forgive them when this behavior sneaks in to our friends lives (and ourselves) and pray for them. We must not judge to harshly, as we ourselves have sin that is unbecoming of a Christian, as the Bibles tells us, not one of us is perfect.  As we are not to judge others harshly, don’t judge yourself to harshly when you do things that are not Christ like, when others may hold this against you, you must not let this bring you down. Remember, Jesus does forgive us, but we must take steps to insure that this behavior does not make another appearance.

Good Evening beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.



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