The Vase and it’s shadow

The Vase

Since I started this blog in January, there was only one time I did not post a picture that evening and that was because I was sick and simply did not care. One time that is until last night.  For the first time since January, I simply forgot, I mean I did do the picture early in the day and then went out and when I arrived home I just forgot all about my blog.  I was in bed when I remembered and well I was just to tired to even consider doing my blog.

I went to my small group Bible study last night and it had a little bit of an effect on me and perhaps that is why I forgot about my blog.  I did have this nice little piece I had already written out to speak about, but after the meeting last night I think I will go in a different direction.  During the meeting last night I had some very interesting thoughts that pertain to the people in my life and how they may see me.  At times, I am a fine example of a like Christ being (well at least I hope), but I started thinking about other times.  When people deal with me, ‘Do they see the light of Christ in me?’, unfortunately my answer is simply ‘no’. I usually blame others, because they cannot accept me for my short comings and it really doesn’t matter what caused this behavior that is not showing the light of Christ, it just matters that I let it happen.  I know we cannot be perfect, as Christ is the only perfect being, but I simply need to let others see Christ in me as much as possible and I do not do this enough, for me it’s just that simple.  That’s my thoughts for today.

Well you can look forward to another blog post later this evening (that is, if I don’t forget again).  Good afternoon beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.


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