The Mountains

Tonight’s picture was taken traveling down the highway, that’s what happens when you spend 13 hours of the day traveling home from vacation.  

This vacation was special because it was the first vacation for the hubby and I in about 17 years.  It was a wonderful time spend with great friends, who planned it so well and we enjoyed every second of the time away!!! We met some new friends, spent some time sight seeing and some time relaxing by the pool!!! Does not get much better than that I can tell you!!!! 

It was also I time of learning for me, yes you read correctly, a time of learning. I believe God helps you along this journey in life, by seeing how you handle situation that arise. If you may not have handled yourself as well as you should, he gives you a life lesson and that was what happened to me.  I always love learning to be a better person, a person who honors God with her words and actions.  I am what blessed girl for sure. 

So with that my friends I am out, so … good night beautiful friends, be a blessing and be blessed and smile, you never now who’s day you may brighten!!! 


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