The Fireworks

The Fireworks-3

First, let us just get this out, this photo was taken last night, but since I had problems downloaded them last night I decided to go ahead and post for tonight’s blog. This my friends was my very first attempt at photographing fireworks and I am reasonably pleased with the results.  I took so many photos trying to narrow it down to just one was really challenging, but at the end I choose this one simply because I needed to choose one. (anyone who remembers one potato, two potato works really well mean there is a need … lol)

Last evening I was just to tired to really comment on anything, but today I would like to talk about how we feel about ourselves.  I am my own worse enemy, I constantly compare myself others, take every little criticism to heart and just really think very low of myself.  Why do we, meaning me, do this to ourselves?  I feel as thought I have been this way all my life, add a temper in the mix and at times I can be quiet the challenge to be around.  But I have said this before and I will state it again …. God loves me, He is working on me, I am a work in progress and although it might not be noticeable, I have made some improvements.  Also, from every situation where I might have made a small thing into a big thing because of me being, well me, I have learned from it. (you know, what not to so).

I am actually going to add another paragraph to this blog today and I must give a shout out to the best hubby!! Yesterday, after spending the morning out with friends watching a race, he came back home and then upon my request, went back into the truck to take me to a shop about thirty minutes away because of a t-shirt I wanted to buy for a dear sweet friend.  Here is the kicker, we were just there the day before!!!  Wow, what a hubby I have, not complaining, not mad, just knew I wanted this t-shirt.  So here’s to my hubby!!!

Okay I said enough for now …. have a great evening my friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed and smile!!!!


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