The Break Through

The Break Through

This happened today, it was pretty awesome and it was difficult to decide which one to post.  I took some where the foreground was not so dark, but the hubby and I decided this one looked the best.

At times in this life of mine I seem to think the whole world is mad and me, because of things I say and do.  This one thing I know to be true, I am and can be a pain, however, I am thankful that I have folks who just move on from my moments of insanity, where I think I am in my right mind and I am in fact, insane.  I need to work on this moments of insanity and maybe, just maybe get over myself, so yet another item is added to my list of improvements I will work on to be a better me (not that others don’t find me simply enchanting, but it’s the insane moments in between which need to be worked on). So there you have it my friends, yet another fact about me that you may find interesting or maybe you relate to these moments of insanity or you could just think that I am really insane.

Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile (I do a lot, but as I have said, I just a little crazy)


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