The Leaf

The Leaf-3

I thought the leaf looked like it was just in the mood to be photographed and so photogenic.

I remember the days when good customer service was the achievement of every business. When you would strive to make the customer your number one priority or a least make them feel like you were pleased they were in your establishment to do their shopping.  So sad that the normal is not as it used to be, however, since I am choosing to keep things positive I will discuss the good experiences I have had, well because they so stand out.

  1. Order cake online, went to the store to pickup said cake and clumsy me dropped it,  where it landed top side down.  One of the fine folks in the bakery rushed over to see the damage, took the cake in the back and restored the cake to its original splendor.
  2. Shopping at our local chain store (a place I said I would not shop again after my last experience, because the cashier seemed annoyed I was in her line), this cashier was so very friendly she restored my faith that there are friendly people who are happy that I chose their store.
  3. We had a very large box delivered to our home (I mean BIG), the nice lady helped me carry it into our garage (last time we had a large delivery, the guy dropped and ran), she was AWESOME!!!!!

So there you have it, these are three fine examples of fabulous customer service.

Good night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.


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