The Beam

The Moon Beam

Well I didn’t let that procrastinating self inside of me stop me from working on a trick I said I would try for tonight’s picture.   Unfortunately, I was having trouble with the image from last night and I spent so much time working on it with the other picture, I left myself no time to take another picture, so I had to pick a previously taken photo to try this trick on, so you have the above picture.

So for the first time, the photo in my blog tonight was not taken today, sorry, but sometimes life does not always work with you.  These past few weeks have really tired my patience … between my own lack of motivation to get things done (yes, I do get on my own nerves!), having a new kitty in the house (and still yet today a bit of an uproar, can’t they just get along!), and the less than stellar customer service we have had to deal with lately (today was the topper, item sent twice, twice it was wrong and still no apology from the company). I am sitting here breathing in and exhaling saying to myself .. I’m okay, I’m okay!! lol   I really should say I have had a few good days when the customer service was top-notch and I did let the company know about, I think that is only fair.  If we are so ready to complain (and yes I will be writing a letter to the company I had to deal with today), we should be ready to praise just as easily (I will also be sending a letter praising the delivery lady for helping me put that about mentioned wrong item that we received in the garage).

It’s time to say good evening my beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile, it just might confuse I few people.


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