The Shadow

The Shadow-5

So with this one I was going for the capturing the shadow and I am reasonably happy with this one.

Which brings me to the point of my thoughts this fine evening, this tree, which has been through so much.  We actually found it growing in a boat (that’s right you read correctly …. a boat).  Fortunately, it was small so we were able to transfer this little sapling to another location.  This tree is such a good example of never giving up (yes you again read that correctly) I will explain why I feel so about this tree.  As I said this tree starting it’s life in a boat, it went along and continued to thrive in its new location.  Then as it grew taller the storms of the life, the weather that is, took its toll on this tree on more than one occasion. We thought a couple of times, not sure the tree will survive this time, but every time it come back and it is still standing strong!! My thoughts at this point are ‘You certainly cannot keep a good tree down’.  Neither wind, nor ice, nor lighting, not hail and sleet (which all have damaged this tree at point) will keep this tree from being what it needs to be in life, to provide shade on a hot day (in Texas shade is a mighty fine thing), to provide a home for a family of birds or simply to marvel at the miracle of nature.   That my friends is why this tree is a good example of never giving up!

Good night beautiful friends!! Remember,  be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!! šŸ™‚


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