The Prism Vase

The Mini Vase.jpg

I love the way light reflects off things, I love shining things and I love to experiment with light, which equals in the above picture.

I have sat here for the last few minutes trying to think about what subject to talk about tonight and just as I am typing I have thought of something.  It is touching on a subject I have mentioned several times before …. how we speak to others.  I really do believe sometimes the best thing is to not stay anything at all, I know I am one to speak on this matter as I seem to have difficulty in this matter.  However, the past few months I have really tried to keep my thoughts to myself and as a matter of fact I have tried to keep my thoughts on the positive side.  I have been study the book of James in the Bible and it really hit me hard in the areas which need much improvement in my life.  I think the talk less is working as I actually had someone tell me I am quiet (who me, never heard that before, haha). But seriously, I am trying to listen more, speak less and when I do speak keeping my words positive.  So talk less (you don’t always have to speak), gossip less (not really our business), positive words (positive will help you feel better, it’s like sunshine on a cloudy day). 

Good Night my beautiful friends!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.


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