The Pretty Weed

The Flower-3

I may goodness, look I ventured outside today. lol  It’s just a weed, but it cleans up pretty good, well except for that bug.

So yesterday I went on and on about how I felt about myself, which was not good thoughts.  Two things about that post, first, I am one lucky girl, because I had a couple of dear sweet friends respond with some very kind words, plus I have at least three folks who read my blog, that’s far-out.  Second, I truly meant those words and I really wasn’t fishing for a compliment, its was just how I was feeling at that moment. (probably because I went clothes shopping, does this happen to anyone else, lol).  Some of us have those feelings more than others, you know low confidence and self-esteem, but today was better day.  So there you have it, another piece of the puzzles that makes up the complicated and weird me.

Good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep positive and smile.


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