The Sands

The Sands-2

Well, some days you just can’t get it right and today was one of those days.  My original plan fell through so I tried to come up with something different and well it kind of fell through as well, but it’s late I’m tired and it is what it is …..  I have been coming through with some interesting shots and this will just have to do for tonight.

Today while in Sunday School I noticed something pretty wonderful about someone.  You  know lately I have been talking about what we and myself should be doing more to make this world a better place and today I realized someone in my very mist has been doing just that very thing.  Just about every Sunday he speaks words to encourage others and  his words are so positive, examples ….. If someone says something they have been doing, like praying all time for another, he says “wow”, not in a condescending way, but it a way that made you feel like your pretty awesome for doing that.  He might say some thing like ‘that’s awesome’ or maybe ‘amazing’ when folks tell about the things they can do.  He listens very intently when others speak and he was very encouraging when he found out about this blog.  Today I thought, he is a great example of how we sound be more … encouraging to others with our words, letting them know when what they do is a great thing and listen to their words like what they say is important.

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.



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