The Heart

The Heart

The best thing about this picture is I have an idea for another photo!!

Today I actually spent the morning writing down some thoughts I had so I would be prepared for tonight’s blog.  Sometimes we are so concerned to prove we know so much or maybe more than others that we might just makes others feel insignificant.  I know I have done this and I have seen it in others as well. (of course I see it others then I think ‘oh crap, I do this too!!’)  We all have a voice that needs to be heard and sometimes maybe we just need to let them have that moment, without saying anything, just listen.  At times we should try to say … I understand, that’s a good point or I didn’t know that (even if you did, what does it hurt).  Maybe those little words are what they need that day, instead of condescending attitude.  Just think about it, I know I am going to.

Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.



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