The Look

The Look

So I almost forgot about a picture tonight and my angry Snowball was ready with the look.  I only took a couple and she gave me this look, she much personality in such a little cutie.

You may be asking why I forgot to take a picture (or maybe you’re not, what do I know), well we now have another cat in the house.  So my day and evening has been spent getting the new kitty, whose name is Aayla, to relax in the new environment and the current kitties, Snowball, Juliette  and Josephine, to relax with the new kitty.  These babies are all just freaking out a little, but  we just know that soon we will be one big happy family, just not tonight.   We are so excited to have another kitty to spoil and love.  Well, I need to go spend some quality time with the kitties.  BTW, the look of angry from Snowball might be for the new kitty, but more likely for me and my camera. haha

Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember,  be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.


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