The Opposite

The Opposite

As usual, I am not one hundred percent satisfied with this picture and after looking at it on here, I really need to work on this one again, so look for it to reappear, possibly tomorrow.

Showing this picture on my blog, well it shows a couple of things (1) I have days where I really don’t seem to know what the heck I am doing, (2) I have no problem showing my failures.  Showing ones failures is a good thing, we all have them, maybe some more than others (obviously I shine in this area).  Our failures lead us to another way to achieve our goals. I have a few quotes by some pretty famous folks floating around in this big air head of mine about trying again, failure, etc. ….. can I post those? I guess that is another thing I need to add to my to do list, remember I need to redo the above despicable mess.  I hope that displaying myself, putting it out there, maybe it will encourage you in some small way (of course maybe now you will never venture here again, I feeling confident so I will say, you will be missing out on some good stuff!!!)

Good night my beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile, it can help!!



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